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AI x Trademark: Image Search Competition to Be Held

November 22, 2021

On November 26 (Fri.), the Japan Patent Office (JPO) will hold its first machine learning competition. In this competition, participants will be given image data used in actual trademark examination and compete to determine the accuracy of models that use AI technology. The winning models will be applied to the search tool for figurative trademarks (image search tool) that uses AI technology, which the JPO is introducing on a trial basis.

1. Purpose

The JPO is working to introduce AI technology to parts of the trademark examination process in order to achieve more effective and higher quality examination. As part of this effort, an image search system (image search tool) that uses AI technology has been developed to search for similar figurative trademarks. The system is being introduced on a trial basis in actual examination.

Although this image search tool has received a certain level of recognition for its accuracy, there is still room for improvement (e.g., in image searches for partial trademark matches). To solve these issues, the JPO has decided to improve the accuracy of its image search tool by holding a machine learning competition,* and applying the winning models to the tool.

*What is a machine learning competition?

This is a machine learning development method that is attracting attention in recent years. It involves publishing specific challenges and related data and calls on the wider public to develop models to solve them, in order to develop models with higher accuracy and apply them to actual systems.

New talent with outstanding ideas and technologies will be discovered in this kind of competition, and it offers opportunities to participate in the government's system development projects. By doing so, it is also expected to promote efficient innovation and system development.

2. Outline

The AI x Trademark: Image Search Competition is about teaching machines using data from similar figurative trademarks to develop models that predict similar images out of numerous existing figurative trademarks and comparing the accuracy of the results. Submitted models will be screened, and winners will be awarded.

The opening ceremony will be live streamed on YouTube on the competition's start date (November 26, 2021 [Fri.]).

(1) Schedule

(2) Eligibility

Open (All individuals and associations are eligible to enter)

(3) How to participate

Register for an account (free) with the operator (Nishika, Inc.) and participate via the competition information page run by the company.
Competition: URL

(4) Organizer

Japan Patent Office

(5) Operator

Nishika, Inc.: URL

Division in Charge

Trademark Division, Trademark and Customer Relations Department, Japan Patent Office

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