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"Study Group Working toward the Transformation to a Digital Industry" Launched

January 7, 2022

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will form the above study group to encourage companies to achieve digital transformation (DX) and to discuss the characteristics that DX should take on, along with the specific patterns of transformation that will lead to it.

1. Purpose and background of the study group

The DX Report 2.1 (DX Report 2 with addendum) released by METI in August 2021 showed that if existing user and vendor companies removed the barriers between them and all companies used data and digital technology more earnestly, it would allow them to become globally scalable and take part in value creation, regardless of capital size or centrality. It called this type of industrial structure "digital industry" and presented four different strategies companies can employ toward transforming to create a digital industry.

However, this document does not clearly provide the specific forms of the four different strategies or what concrete steps a company should take within this framework to achieve this transformation. This problem must be clarified.

With the above issues in mind, the study group will consider the detailed characteristics and requirements of these four strategies and specific patterns of change based on them in order to encourage company’s digital transformation.

2. Study group

In addition to academic experts, user companies, and vendor companies, experts from companies that are on the cutting-edge of digital business will join the discussion.

3. Schedules

The first study group meeting will be held on January 6 (Thu.) and additional meetings will be held thereafter. The study group will meet privately in order to ensure that its companies and members can exchange views openly and freely, but progress reports on the discussions will be released.

Division in Charge

Digital Transformation Promotion Office, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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