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First Meeting of the Study Group on Sustainability of Storage Batteries to be Held

January 21, 2022

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has launched a new Study Group on Sustainability of Storage Batteries to study the creation of a sustainable battery supply chain and will hold the first meeting on Friday, January 21.

1. Purpose of the study group

Storage batteries are a "new energy base" that is essential to making society green and digital (i.e., making cars electrified and modifying power sources to make them carbon-free, which are both necessary for promoting widespread use of renewable energy), and demand for them is expected to increase rapidly in the future. On the other hand, storage batteries emit GHGs during the production and disposal processes, and use large amounts of high-quality resources, such as lithium. This has given rise to the need for efforts toward improving sustainability throughout their supply chains, which includes addressing environmental and social problems.

For this reason, METI inaugurated this study group and will discuss issues toward building a sustainable storage battery supply chain: e.g., (1) making GHG emissions visible throughout storage batteries' life cycles; (2) promoting the reuse and recycling of storage batteries; (3) ensuring ethical procurement of materials; and (4) distributing data in order to achieve the above.

2. First meeting of the study group

The first meeting will be held on January 21 (Fri.) from 9:30 to 11:00.

It will be held online and be open to the public. Visit this YouTube URL (in Japanese) to watch the meeting.

Note: Please note that you may experience video problems and disruptions depending on signal conditions. The members of the study group are as listed in the attached document (PDF:71KB)PDFファイル (in Japanese).

Division in Charge

Future of Mobility Automotive Industrial Strategy Office, Automobile Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau 

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