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New Establishment and Revision of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (February 2022)

February 21, 2022

The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) are a collection of national standards stipulating the criteria for mineral or industrial products, data, and services in Japan, including their quality, performance and test methods. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been revising and newly establishing these standards in response to societal and technological changes. METI publicly introduces the newly established and revised standards that are especially important for the economy and the public once a month in a press release.

1. Outline of the new establishment and revision of the JIS

In February 2022, METI established 13 new standards and revised 43 existing ones. In particular, METI believes that the establishment of the following are especially important.
Among these standards, there are 2 established standards and 11 revised standards submitted by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA), an Accredited Standards Developing Organization (see Appendix 1).

1. Establishment of JIS for safety specifications for organic LED (OLED) used for general lighting

Organic LEDs emits natural light that is gentle on the eyes and is remarkable because of its thin and light-weight construction. In addition, its emission spectrum does not include ultraviolet rays, leaving little impact on skin. Due to these characteristics, it has been adopted in many areas in recent years, and the market is expected to grow.
METI has established a JIS in order to foster the dissemination of organic LEDs throughout the market and ensure its safety. The establishment of this JIS is expected to encourage the dissemination of safe organic LEDs and the growth of the lighting market, and to have a wide effect on energy efficiency in the future (see Appendix 2).

Figure: Organic LEDs

2. Outline of the JIS

The JIS stipulate the types and quality of products, data, services, etc.; test or assessment methods for ascertaining these types and quality; and standard values that businesses are required to meet. Producers, service providers, product users and consumers, and other stakeholders make use of these standards for purposes such as being able to access quality products and services with peace of mind.
METI has been establishing new standards or revising existing ones for the JIS in response to technological advancements, changes in the social environment and other factors, doing so as necessary.

For more information on the JIS, visit the following websites:
The Japanese Industrial Standards Committee website: URL
METI website for standardization and certification (in Japanese): URL
For details on each individual JIS, visit the following website.
JIS search service (in Japanese): URL

3. Past news releases

For past news releases related to the establishment and revision of JIS, visit this website

4. Contact for inquiries about the respective JIS

If you wish to inquire about the details regarding the JIS introduced this time, please contact by email the division in charge shown in Appendix 1 (International Standardization Division). When sending an email, please clearly indicate your name, the name of your company (if you send an email as a representative of a company or other entity), and your contact information.