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3rd CEFIA Government-Private Forum Held

February 24, 2022

On Feb. 21 (Mon.), the 3rd CEFIA Government-Private Forum was held (hosted by the Energy Commission of Malaysia via online conference). Mr. Ishii Masahiro, State Minister of METI, delivered a greeting via video message as METI's representative.
Within the forum, participants from the Japanese government and ASEAN region government organizations, private companies, and financial institutions held active discussions over three sessions. The topics were flagship projects to advance the introduction of decarbonization technology, the CEFIA Collaboration Roadmap, and financing decarbonization projects.

1. The 3rd CEFIA Government-Private Forum

  1. CEFIA (Cleaner Energy Future Initiative for ASEAN) is an initiative proposed by the government of Japan to advance the dissemination of decarbonization technologies and establishment of related policies and systems under the leadership of businesses with the aim of promoting energy transition and decarbonization in the ASEAN region. It began in September 2019.

  2. Held on Feb. 21, the 3rd CEFIA Government-Private Forum was attended by representatives from governments and private companies in the ASEAN region and from financial institutions including the Asian Development Bank. The forum included an introduction of CEFIA's current activities, along with discussions on topics such as how decarbonization projects will realistically move ahead and how funding for decarbonization technologies will be mobilized.

2. Video message from METI State Minister Ishii

Representing the Japanese government, METI State Minister Ishii delivered special remarks via video message at the start of the forum. Among other points, he introduced: (1) around 50 million USD worth decarbonization projects to be implemented through CEFIA's framework that will help reduce around 1 million ton-CO2 equivalent in total to 2025, (2) the use of CEFIA's activities to promote and spread awareness of transition finance to achieve realistic decarbonization and energy transitions in the ASEAN region, and (3) the development of a roadmap to contribute to APAEC, ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation.

3. Forum highlights

1. Session I: Flagship Projects

Announcements were made on progress and next steps for specific projects that CEFIA is working on to introduce decarbonization technologies (Flagship Projects), including RENKEI (“RENKEI Control,” conserving energy through power optimization at factories, etc. using IoT), ZEB (Zero Energy Building), and Microgrid (constructing microgrids using typhoon-resistant Magnus wind turbines). A proposal was also made for a new Flagship Project: a decarbonization project in the steelmaking field that would include diagnosis of and introducing energy-saving technologies at steel mills.

2. Session II: CEFIA Collaboration Roadmap

A draft of the CEFIA Collaboration Roadmap was introduced, laying out a path for how to contribute to APAEC. It will be published around spring 2022, following discussions in the government and private sectors of each ASEAN country.

3. Session III: Mobilization of Finance for Decarbonization Pathways

Participants discussed financing as an important part of advancing decarbonization projects. METI introduced transition finance, important for achieving realistic decarbonization and energy transitions in the ASEAN region. Representatives from the Asian Development Bank and local financial institutions in the ASEAN region gave examples of and lectures on financing decarbonization projects.

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