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Cabinet Decision on the Bill for Partial Revision of the High-Pressure Gas Safety Act, etc.

March 4, 2022

A Cabinet decision was made on the Bill for Partial Revision of the High-Pressure Gas Safety Act, etc. The bill will be submitted to the ongoing 208th ordinary session of the Diet.

1. Purpose of the bill

In recent years, various environmental changes have occurred in the industrial safety sectors including the high-pressure gas, city gas and electric power sectors. These changes include innovative progress in IoT and other technologies, security personnel shortages, changes in the power supply structure, more frequent and severe disasters, and demands to address climate change issues. For these reasons, this bill will establish necessary measures to amend regulatory systems to improve industrial safety based on the said environmental changes, while ensuring safety as a principle.

2. Outline of the bill

Note: [High pressure] denotes revisions to the High-Pressure Gas Safety Act, [Gas] denotes revisions to the Gas Business Act, and [Power] denotes revisions to the Electricity Business Act.

1. Promote smart industrial safety

For service providers that can independently ensure a high level of safety while utilizing this technology, this bill will amend procedures for and inspections of safety regulatory systems on the premise of ensuring safety, based on the said service providers' ability to ensure safety. [High pressure] [Gas] [Power]

Note: This bill will also allow the government to request the Information-Technology Promotion Agency to investigate and determine causes of serious cybersecurity incidents when they happen (revision to the Act on Facilitation of Information Processing).

2. Respond to new security risk areas / Strengthen disaster countermeasures and resilience

  1. Small-scale solar and wind power generation facilities will be designated as “electric facilities for small enterprises” and be subject to i) requirements to maintain compliance with technical standards, ii) reports on basic information and iii) verification by the owner before use. [Power]

  2. General gas pipeline service providers will be required to develop plans to cooperate with other service providers during disasters. [Gas]

3. Develop safety regulation systems toward achieving carbon neutrality

  1. Fuel-cell and other vehicles that are currently subject to both the High-Pressure Gas Safety Act and the Road Transport Vehicle Act will be exempted from the application of the High-Pressure Gas Safety Act to centralize regulations around the Road Transport Vehicle Act, on the premise of ensuring safety. [High pressure]

  2. In place of the government verifying that wind power generation facilities conform to technical standards, a system will be established whereby a private specialist organization with technical knowledge (a registered conformity verification organization) verifies conformity to technical standards. [Power]

Division in Charge

Industrial Safety Division, Industrial and Product Safety Policy Group

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