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JPO Status Report 2022 Released

March 30, 2022

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) announces the release of the JPO Status Report 2022, a compilation of statistical information and policy outcomes from 2021. The Status Report swiftly conveys information on the current situation surrounding the intellectual property system, as well as the JPO’s initiatives and other matters. All pages are in both Japanese and English, so that it can serve as a compilation of the latest information on intellectual property for people both inside and outside of Japan.

1. Outline of the Status Report

Part 1: Facts and Figures on Trends in Intellectual Property

Chapter 1: Trends in Intellectual Property in Japan

(Statistical information on patent/design/trademark applications and registration with the JPO)

Chapter 2: Trends in Intellectual Property Worldwide

(Statistical information on patent/design/trademark applications and registration with the IP5 Offices)

Part 2: 2021 Policy Outcomes

Chapter 1: Examinations/Trials and Appeals

(Initiatives for the speed of examinations/trials and appeals, improvement of the quality thereof, etc.)

Chapter 2: International Initiatives

(Initiatives to promote cooperation with IP offices and related organizations and harmonization of IP systems and practices)

Chapter 3: Support Measures, Law Amendments, Etc.

(Initiatives and support for startups, SMEs, and universities and other institutions)

2. Introducing the Latest Statistics and Policy Outcomes

This section provides the latest key statistics and policy outcomes related to intellectual property in 2021.
Some examples are as follows:

(1) Digitalization for the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 eras

The JPO continues its examinations, trials, and appeals—even as COVID-19 continues to spread—and actively communicates using IT as a response to social structure changes through digitalization and in other ways. Looking at patent examinations, 1,423 of the 1,689 interview examinations held in 2021 were online (up 40.2% compared to the year prior). The JPO also started online oral proceedings in October 2021 as part of trials and appeals; of the 20 oral proceedings held since then, 13 have been online. Additionally, they have developed a way for teleworking examiners and administrative judges to call users.

(2) Conveying Information to Overseas Users

The JPO conveys information to overseas users to encourage them to learn about Japan's intellectual property rights system and examination practices. In 2021, the JPO posted materials on its website that introduce its policies and improved the content of The JPO Quick Reads*1 and The JPO Key Features*2, which had already been posted on its website. They also exchanged views with overseas companies and explained the latest information on their policies at international symposiums and seminars.

3. Released materials

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