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New Energy Efficiency Standards Formulated for Home-use Air Conditioners

May 31, 2022

On May 31, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) promulgated a Public Notice that stipulates new standard energy consumption efficiency (energy efficiency standards) for home-use air conditioners.

1. Background

Under the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, METI is promoting efforts toward energy efficiency regarding equipment for which it is particularly necessary to improve consumption efficiency. Its approaches include setting energy efficiency standards that relevant manufacturers, etc. are required to ensure that their products satisfy by the target fiscal year.

Heating and cooling accounts for a large percentage of household energy consumption (approx. 30%). In light of this fact, a working group(*1) discussed reviewing the energy efficiency standards for home-use air conditioners and compiled a report(*2) in February 2022 indicating a new target fiscal year, energy efficiency standards, and other matters. In light of this report, on May 31, METI promulgated a Public Notice that stipulates new energy efficiency standards and other rules with FY 2027 or FY2029 as the target years.

2. Public Notice promulgated

Public Notice to Partially Amend the Judgment Standards for Manufacturers, etc.  of Energy-Consuming Equipment Concerning the Enhancement of the Energy Consumption Efficiency for Air Conditioners

3. Outline of the new energy efficiency standards

Target equipment

Home-use air conditioners, including those that are non-ducted and wall-hung type, those that are not (cassette-type, through-the-wall, standing, etc.), and those that are multi-type

Target fiscal year

(1) FY2027 (non-ducted wall-hung types)
(2) FY2029 (other non-ducted wall-hung type, multi-types)


10 categories are set based on unit form, cooling capacity, and specifications (non-cold regions/cold regions)

Energy efficiency standard

The next energy efficiency standards for home-use air conditioners are as follows.(*3) The next energy efficiency standards are expected to have an improvement of up to a maximum of 34.7% (4.0 kW for non-ducted and wall-hung type) compared to current energy efficiency standards.

Unit form Cooling capacity Current energy efficiency standard
Next energy efficiency standard
Improvement rate (*4)
Non-ducted wall-hung type 2.2 kW 5.8 6.6 13.8%
2.5 kW 5.8 6.6 13.8%
2.8 kW 5.8 6.6 13.8%
3.2 kW 5.8 6.6 13.8%
4.0 kW 4.9 6.6 34.7%
4.5 kW 5.5 6.5 18.2%
5.0 kW 5.5 6.4 16.4%
5.6 kW 5.0 6.3 26.0%
6.3 kW 5.0 6.1 22.0%
7.1 kW 4.5 5.9 31.1%
8.0 kW 4.5 5.7 26.7%
9.0 kW 4.5 5.5 22.2%
10.0 kW 4.5 5.3 17.8%
(*3) The table indicates energy efficiency standards for each cooling capacity for non-ducted wall-hung type air conditioners with specifications for non-cold regions that have a large number of shipments. For details on the next energy efficiency standards, see the comparison of the old and new texts and related links listed in the related materials.
(*4) These are the improvement rates of the next energy efficiency standards in relation to the current ones. The current energy efficiency standards are calculated using those for dimension-defined types.

4. Promulgation and enforcement

Promulgated on:

May 31, 2022

Enforced on:

June 1, 2022

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Division in Charge

Energy Efficiency Division, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy