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Second Meeting of the Japan Business Council for Africa Held

August 8, 2022

Joint Press Release with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On August 8, Mr. Hagiuda Koichi (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) and Mr. Hayashi Yoshimasa (Minister for Foreign Affairs) attended the second meeting of the Japan Business Council for Africa (JBCA), a public-private partnership program for promoting business in Africa.


1. Outline of the Japan Business Council for Africa

The Japan Business Council for Africa (JBCA) is a permanent committee comprised of Japanese companies, relevant Japanese ministries and agencies, and government-related organizations. Based on the TICAD 7 Public-Private Roundtable Meeting Recommendations by the Japanese Private Sector adopted at the TICAD Public-Private Roundtable Meeting (March 18, 2019), its first meeting was held in June 2019. The JBCA collects information on urgent issues and proposals regarding expanding businesses in Africa from private companies and organizations. Based on the information and proposals, relevant ministries and agencies and government-related organizations consider and implement additional, stronger support measures.

2. Outline of the second meeting

The second meeting was co-chaired by Minister Hagiuda; Minister Hayashi; Mr. Ohashi Tetsuji and Mr. Karube Jun, chairs of the Committee on Sub-Saharan Africa, Keidanren; and Mr. Iwai Mutsuo, Chairman of the Board, Africa Project Team, Japan Association of Corporate Executives. Other participants included representatives from the public and private sectors interested in doing business in Africa, who reported on both their activities since the launch of the JBCA and their future prospects, with a view toward TICAD 8.

It was also confirmed that the JBCA's functions will be strengthened in light of the expectations for its activities and requests for a stronger structure in the proposal from Keidanren and the Japan Association of Corporate Executives on promoting business in Africa. As part of this effort, Mr. Sasaki Nobuhiko, Chairman and CEO of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), will join the organization as a new co-chair.

Division in Charge

Africa Office, Middle East and Africa Division, Trade Policy Bureau