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Leaders Session of the 4th RD20 Conference Held

October 7, 2022

On October 6, the 4th RD20 (Research and Development 20 for Clean Energy Technologies) was held. The organizer was the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Leaders from research institutes for clean energy technology from the 19 major countries and regions participated. They discussed measures for further international cooperation between their organizations toward creating innovation to help bring about decarbonization

Overview of the conference

Launched by Japan in 2019, RD20 (Research and Development 20 for Clean Energy Technologies) is an international conference where leaders from G20 research institutes related to clean energy technology gather to further research and development through international cooperation, with the aim of decarbonizing society.

At the Leaders Session of the 4th RD20 held on October 6, Mr. Nishimura Yasutoshi, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, delivered a video message in which he emphasized the conference's significance for achieving green transformation.

After that, leaders from 23 organizations in 19 countries participated in discussions chaired by Mr. Ishimura Kazuhiko, President of AIST. Aiming to further flesh out the Leaders Statement adopted last time at the 3rd RD20 Conference, the participants discussed international research cooperation and the development of high-level human resources. The results of the discussions were summarized and adopted as a Leaders Recommendation.

Before the Leaders Session, Technical Sessions were also held on October 4. These included lectures and panel discussions from expert perspectives by researchers with cutting-edge insights. The discussions covered three themes regarded as high priorities for achieving carbon neutrality: (1) hydrogen life cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis, (2) renewable energy generation and integration, and (3) carbon management.

Furthermore, October 5 saw the holding of a Workshop for International Collaboration, a new program introduced in this round of the conference. The participants identified technical themes that RD20 should tackle by setting up task forces, and discussed ways to connect them to international joint research. In addition to a joint research project on solar power evaluation technology that is already underway, they are also coordinating the launch of task groups in hydrogen technology and other fields.


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