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First Ever the Certificate of Origin Data Exchange Under the Japan-Indonesia EPA to Be Implemented in Japan

December 27, 2022

Joint press release with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Finance

The Certificate of Origin Data Exchange under the Japan-Indonesia EPA will start in the near future.
Simplifying and speeding up origin certification procedures will increase use of the EPA, which is also expected to promote agricultural exports.

1. Procedures for issuing a certificate of origin under the economic partnership agreements

When exporting a product from Japan using the third-party certification system under economic partnership agreements (EPAs), an exporter must apply for the issuance of a Certificate of Origin (CO), after submitting documents to the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI)—the designated issuing body—to prove that the exporting product is of Japanese origin under the agreement and receiving JCCI’s certification.

2. Switching to the CO data exchange

Aiming to enhance convenience for traders, METI plans to switch the way of issuance of COs by introducing the CO data exchange for the Japan-Indonesia EPA in June 2023. In the CO data exchange, the issuing body of the exporting country sends the electronic data of CO directly to the customs authority of the importing country. By implementing the CO data exchange, exporters only need to submit an online application to the JCCI and have it certified, and they neither need to receive a CO on paper from the JCCI in person nor mail it to the importer, as was the case before.
Note: Please check Japan Customs website for imports into Japan.
There will be online briefing sessions before the switch to the CO data exchange. Details will be announced later on the JCCI website.

3. EPA Info Desk

A consultation desk dedicated to the use of the EPAs has been established to handle various concerns, questions, and feedback regarding the use of the EPAs as many EPAs come into effect which differ in terms of rules of origin and other aspects. Please feel free to use EPA Info Desk. (For the CO data exchange, please refer to the contacts at the bottom of this announcement)

EPA Info Desk (in Japanese): URL 
Email: epa-desk(a)epa-info.go.jp
Note: Replace (a) with @

4. References

Division in Charge

Economic Partnership Division, Trade Policy Bureau, Origin Certification Policy Office, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau