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Grand Prix Winners of the Japan Healthcare Business Contest (JHeC) 2023 Selected

January 27, 2023

On January 12, as an effort to discover and foster leaders in the next-generation healthcare industry, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) held a business contest titled the Japan Healthcare Business Contest (JHeC) 2023 to recognize companies making outstanding efforts for creating new business in the field of healthcare. This was the eighth such contest since it was first held in 2016 and had 102 participating supporters.
Five finalists in the business contest category gave public presentations. The examination committee selected Celaid Therapeutics Inc. as the Grand Prix Winner. In addition, public presentations were given for the idea contest category, and an award ceremony was held for both categories.

1.List of the winners

Business Contest Category

Grand Prix

Company name: Celaid Therapeutics Inc.
Presenter: Mr. ARAKAWA Nobuyuki, Representative Director and CEO
Title: Changing the future with cells: development of next-generation cell therapy products for leukemia treatment

Excellence Awards

Company name: WizWe Co. Ltd.
Presenter: Mr. MORITANI Kohei, President and Representative Director
Title: Support for improving habits in the area of presymptomatic illness prevention through a habit-forming platform called Smart Habit

Company name: Cell Factor Inc.
Presenter: Mr. TERAO Tomohiro, President and CEO
Title: Social implementation of regenerative medicine with the company's unique technology which can grow bones from cells.--From conquering to preemptive medical care for the intractable disease referred to as “osteonecrosis of the femoral head”

Company name: Buzzreach
Presenter: Mr. INOKAWA Takateru, CEO
Title: Clinical trial tech startups changing the future of new medicine (clinical trials) development in ten to twenty years.

Company name: Medi-LX Inc.
Presenter: Mr. IKEBE Ryo, CEO
Title: Alternative training tool for nursing using Medi-EYE, an educational electronic health record

Note: The winners of the Excellence Awards are listed in the order of the Japanese syllabary

Idea Contest Category Note: This was decided through examination of the presentations made on October 20, 2022

Excellence Awards

Presenter: Mr. KARASUGI Keiichi
Title: hemoCD, an antidote that makes it possible to treat carbon monoxide poisoning in emergency situations

Presenter: Mr. TAKESHITA Yukio
Title: Commercialization of a human blood-brain barrier model service that serves as a game-changer for brain drug discovery

Presenter: Mr. YAMAOKA Tetsuji
Title: Making lower limb revascularization possible using decellularized small-caliber vascular grafts derived from ostrich carotid arteries

Note: The names are listed in the order of the Japanese syllabary.

Special Prize

Presenter: Ms. NOBUZAWA Meina
Title: Future health protected by sound: A new form of water intake in a hyper-aging society

2. Scenes from the contest

You will be able to watch an archive of the event at this URL at a later date.

Opening remarks by Mr. SATOMI Ryuji, Parliamentary Vice-Minister, METI

Presentation by a finalist in the business contest category

Presentation by a winner in the idea contest category

Celaid Therapeutics Inc., the Grand Prix winner in the business contest category, receiving a trophy

Closing remarks by Mr. MOGI Tadashi, Director-General for Commerce and Service Industry Policy, METI

Photo session after the ceremony

Division in Charge

Healthcare Industries Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group