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Japan-Korea Export Control Policy Dialogue Held

March 16, 2023

*Some words and phrases have been corrected for accuracy on March 18, 2023

Japan-Korea Export Control Policy Dialogue Held.

Over the past three days from 14th to 16th of March, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) held the Japan-Korea Export Control Policy Dialogue.

Through the policy dialogue, METI has reviewed the effectiveness of Korea’s export control including the organization of the export control authority and its operations, and implementation of a regulatory framework for the three relevant items; fluorinated polyimide, hydrogen fluoride and resist.

As a result of the review of the situation including the enhancement of the organization and operations of Korea’s export control authority, and the implementation of the establishment of a regulatory framework, METI recognized that Korea has improved its initiatives and effectiveness in those respects.

METI also confirmed that the Korean side will announce the withdrawal of its complaint to the WTO regarding Japan’s export control.

Therefore, METI has decided to revise the current operation of export control* for those three items to Korea. At this timing of our revision, we will inform and/or remind related domestic business entities to thoroughly check the transaction including end-users of the products.

Regarding the country categories by both countries in relation to export control, METI and MOTIE will continue the policy dialogue.

*Apply a Special General Bulk Export License (a system that permits exports of a certain combination of destinations and items collectively (in principle for three years), depending on the sensitivity of the goods and technologies), as was the case prior to July 2019.

Division in Charge

Trade Control Policy Division, Trade Control Department, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau