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METI Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshida Attends Japan-Kenya Business Roundtable

October 28, 2023

On Friday, October 27, 2023, Japan-Kenya Business Roundtable was held as a meeting prior to the G7 Trade Ministers’ Meeting held in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29. As the representative of Kenya, a country invited to an outreach session, H.E. Ms. Rebecca Miano, Cabinet Secretary for Investment, Trade and Industry, visited Japan and participated in the Business Roundtable.

1. Overview of the Business Roundtable

Kenya has been attracting attention as a business gateway to Africa, backed by its geographical advantage of facing the Indian Ocean and having good access to Sub-Saharan countries. Taking the occasion of Cabinet Secretary Miano's visit to Japan to attend the G7 Trade Ministers’ Meeting, Japan-Kenya Business Roundtable was held. At the Business Roundtable, Japanese companies already developing business in Kenya took the stage as panelists to explain to other Japanese companies considering developing business in Kenya and to Cabinet Secretary Miano the current state of business conditions of Japanese companies playing leading roles in a wide range of fields in Kenya, their evaluation of Kenya's business potential, their expectations for certain fields in the country going forward, and other issues.

2. Keynote speech by Cabinet Secretary Miano and input by other speakers

Cabinet Secretary Miano delivered a keynote speech and explained that Kenya has a well-organized business environment, has concluded several multi- and bilateral trade agreements, and has set preferential trade frameworks with the United States, the EU, and other countries. In addition, she stated specific fields in Kenya that Japanese companies may be interested in, including automobiles, renewable energy, and carbon neutral initiatives, and green hydrogen. She also stated that the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry is a partner of Japanese companies in encouraging their business growth.

Moreover, Dr. Eusebius Juma Mukhwana, The Principal Secretary for theState Department of Industry, and Mr. Alfred K’Ombudo, The Principal Secretary for the State Department of Trade, Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry, Kenya, explained the attractiveness of Kenya's investment environment and advantages with regard to imports and exports.

3. Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshida attends the Business Roundtable

As the representative of Japan, Mr. Yoshida Nobuhiro, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, attended the Business Roundtable. Prior to the convening of the Business Roundtable, Parliamentary Secretary Yoshida exchanged views with Cabinet Secretary Miano on the importance of developing human resources in the industrial sector and the initiatives of Japanese companies related to Kenya. In his remarks during the Business Roundtable, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshida explained that Kenya is an important economic partner of Japan and the country has been attracting great attention from Japanese companies. He also stated his expectations for Kenya to further develop an investment environment under the leadership of Cabinet Secretary Miano.

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