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Release of the “WITH ART Start Up Guideline” for Art Projects for Regional Revitalization

February 22, 2024

Art projects utilizing public spaces and unused spaces in a region can bring a variety of value, including not only the inherent value of the artwork itself but also additional merits in terms of social aspects such as the formulation of a regional community and economic aspects such as the improvement of regional branding. On the other hand, in reality the number of local governments and business operators engaged in art projects remains limited for reasons such as a lack of knowledge about how to go about implementing these projects. Therefore, METI has prepared and released the "WITH ART Start Up Guideline" to serve as a guide for regions, local governments, and companies who are willing to start an art project. Through this effort, METI intends to promote the creation of new culture and the diffusion of art that contributes to regional revitalization.

figure1 figure2

An outline of the guideline is as follows.

1. Case examples of regional art projects

How were the three engines that served as the starting point for regional art projects, namely the artists (artworks), local governments and companies (project implementing body), and local residents (the regional community), able to share the purpose and vision and realize and continue the project, overcoming differences in their standpoints and ways of thinking? The guideline includes interviews with the people who were involved as the starting point of the projects.

2. Different values brought by an art project to the region

An art project brings a variety of value to the relevant region. However, the effect or influence of such value is sometimes difficult to grasp tangibly or to quantify, preventing understanding among the people of the region. The guideline streamlines how the value of art projects are transformed into positive outcomes and into the value required by the region.

3. How to implement an art project

Specific procedures for implementing an art project in the region are explained according to the flow of the implementation for such a project. There are also explanations on the respective roles of artworks, the project implementing body, and the regional community, and tips for resolving problems that are frequently faced.

4. How can an art project be utilized within the community?

There are many spaces in each town where artworks can be installed. However, relevant laws and regulations, systems, and rules may differ depending on the space. The guideline explains the systems and rules that apply to art projects so that the utilization of artworks can be considered in each space.

5. Preparing a mechanism to continue the project

The guideline explains the organizations and mechanisms necessary to create a cycle where the relationship between art and the region continuously develops, resulting in the launch of new art projects according to changes in the environment.

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