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METI Journal-English Edition

2017 May issue

Currently, METI inspectors are directly visiting the subcontractors, and collecting their frank opinions. On such occasions, we often hear their honest feelings that are not disclosed to the main subcontracting enterprises (contract providers). In order to strictly deal with inappropriate treatment by main subcontracting enterprises (contract providers) and improving the terms and conditions of transactions for small and medium-sized subcontractors, the government has started moving forward to bring increased fairness to the trade environment.

Following the full liberalization of new entry into the electricity retail market last year, city gas retailing is also being fully liberalized.
Here, we provide an outline of this full liberalization of new entry into the gas retail market, which has the potential to make our lives more affluent, as well as include key points on the smartest way to choose a utility company.

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English web magazine ”METI Journal” will cease its publication.
This coming June, a new web site ”METI Journal” (in Japanese) will be launched instead of the conventional web magazine. The contents of the new site will be updated on a daily basis.
Along with this remodel, our English web magazine ”METI Journal”, being published since May 2013, will cease its publication.
Thank you very much for visiting untill now.

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