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Statement by Minister Seko on U.S. Import-Restrictive Measures on Steel and Aluminum

March 09, 2018

Being concerned about the current status of global overcapacity caused by market-distorting measures, Japan has been taking proactive measures to address this issue through international cooperation in fora such as the G20 and the Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity.

We have persistently explained to the Government of the United States of America that Japanese steel and aluminum imports do not negatively affect American national security. Rather, these products have always contributed to the growth of U.S. industries and the creation of jobs.

It is extremely regrettable that, in spite of these circumstances, the Government of the United States of America decided on March 8th to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum products from countries including Japan based on Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.

These measures will not only close the U.S. market, but could also disturb global steel and aluminum markets including those of Asia, and may have significant negative impacts on the multilateral trading system as a whole.

We would like to remind all countries that the crux of the issue is to address global steel and aluminum overcapacity. Retaliating with unilateral, non-WTO compliant measures would not benefit any country in the world.

After carefully examining the content of the decision and its impact on Japanese corporations, Japan will consider necessary measures under the framework of the WTO, while continuing to request that the Government of the United States of America exclude Japan from its measures. At the same time, Japan will continue to uphold the free trade system, and will call on relevant parties to resolve issues in WTO-compliant manners.

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Americas Division, Trade Policy Bureau

Last updated:2018-03-09
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