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Press Conference by Minister Seko (excerpted version)

*Note: This is a provisional translation for reference purpose only.

9:14 - 9:19 a.m.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Press Conference Room, METI

Question-and-Answer Session

Japan-China High-Level Economic Dialogue

Q: As for the infringement of intellectual property rights, specifically what kind of consultation has been made? What are your thoughts on the current Chinese infringement on Japanese intellectual properties?

A: As for the current thoughts, it is quite important to strengthen the protection of intellectual properties as well as to secure effective enforcement in China, therefore we have been pointing out the problems, in the Report on Compliance by Major Trading Partners with Trade Agreements, such as counterfeit, pirated and other infringing products, misappropriated applications, and discriminatory treatments on technology licenses like patents and know-hows.
At the dialogue yesterday as well, I firmly addressed these issues and requested them to implement intellectual property protection in an effective and non-discriminatory manner.
On the Chinese side, they stated that they would make efforts in implementing the Intellectual Property protection measures which had been announced at the Boao Forum for Asia on April 10.
The Japanese Government would like to pay close attention to their efforts and request further action if necessary.

Japan-US Summit Meeting

Q: As for the Japan-US Summit Meeting to be held from April 17, what are your thoughts on the prospects of trade and economic negotiations?

A: At the summit meeting, current bilateral economic relations will naturally be discussed, but I would like to refrain from making any specific comments at this time.
At any rate, it is a fact that Japanese steel and aluminum products are of high quality and are difficult to substitute for, as well as significantly contribute to the employment of US industry. Based on these facts, we are going to make continued efforts for reaching equitable solutions.

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