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Press Conference by Minister Nishimura (Excerpt)

*Note: This is a provisional translation for reference purposes only.

9:09-9:21 a.m.
Friday, November 18, 2022
Press Conference Room, METI Main Building

Opening Remarks

Visit to Aomori 

Good morning.
I have just come from a Cabinet meeting after my arrival from Bangkok.
Beginning tomorrow I will visit Aomori Prefecture for two days. I will leave this evening and start my schedule tomorrow.
Aomori Prefecture has facilities related to nuclear power and nuclear fuel cycles. I will visit the Oma and Higashidori Nuclear Power Stations. I will visit the recyclable fuel storage center—an interim storage facility related to the nuclear fuel cycle—and the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant.
I will closely observe these sites and listen to the opinions of related people while examining the issues from the perspective of nuclear energy policy and jurisdiction. I have been there several times in the past, but this will be my first trip as Minister in charge.

Question-and-Answer Session


Q:I would like to ask about Sakhalin-1.
Regarding Sakhalin-1, the Russian government has approved the continuation of the Japanese government's investment through SODECO. Please tell us your thoughts on this. Also, I understand that there are ongoing negotiations over specific conditions that will take time. Please tell us what METI will do to follow up.

A:I understand that on November 14, the Russian government decided to allow SODECO to participate in the new company that will be operating Sakhalin-1. This decision is significant from the viewpoint of Japan's medium- to long-term stable energy supply.
It is particularly important in terms of diversifying supply sources. Since we currently rely on the Middle East for about 95% of our crude oil imports, it will contribute to securing a stable supply of energy in the medium to long term.
At this point, I have not heard that there will be any major changes in the conditions or new burdens to be borne by the Japanese side. The government will firmly address the situation while following the responses and actions by the Russian side and communicating with investors and shareholders in the private sector. In any case, we will make every effort to ensure a stable energy supply over the medium to long term through collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Last updated:2022-12-02