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Press Conference by Minister Nishimura (Excerpt)

*Note: This is a provisional translation for reference purposes only.

1. Post-Cabinet Press Conference

 8:40-8:45 a.m.
Friday, May 12, 2023
First floor lobby, Annex to the House of Representatives

Opening Remarks

Visit to Fukushima

Tomorrow, on May 13, I will visit Fukushima Prefecture. I am scheduled to inspect the geothermal power generation facilities in the Tsuchiyu hot spring area in Fukushima City. Then, I will visit Iitate Village, where the evacuation order for the Specified Reconstruction and Revitalization Base Area was lifted on May 1, and Katsurao Village, where the same order was lifted in June last year, in order to exchange opinions with mayors and local business operators.

Question-and-Answer Session


Q: At yesterday’s meeting of the AI Strategy Council, Prime Minister Kishida indicated his intention to exercise leadership in discussion at the G7 Summit on the development of international rules relating to AI. Please tell me what significance this discussion will have for industry.

A: Regarding AI, at yesterday’s meeting of the AI Strategy Council, a broad range of matters were discussed, including how AI should be utilized, how concerns and potential risks related to AI should be addressed, and how AI should be developed. The Prime Minister indicated a policy to reflect the results of future discussions in international rule making.
When we are in the middle of a major turning point, industry must achieve revolutionary innovation. I understand that it is necessary and important to explore the possibilities of utilizing generative AI to create innovation while considering safety and reliability.
To that end, it is important to discuss a broad range of matters, including how to respond to the related risks. Going forward, METI will work out concrete details.

Trade Insurance

Q: I have a question related to NEXI.
Please tell me about the outline and the effects of NEXI’s new SEED scheme. Please also tell me about potential projects, if any, that you may have in mind.

A: The SEED scheme that you mentioned is a new framework under which Nippon Export and Investment Insurance, or NEXI, provides insurance for loans to foreign firms on condition that those firms start new transactions or expand existing ones with Japanese firms.
The first project under this scheme, which we have in mind, will be one in which NEXI provides insurance for loans supplied by a Japanese fund mainly to Asian startups in order to promote matching with Japanese firms in cooperation with JETRO’s J-Bridge business platform. We expect that this SEED scheme will promote business partnerships between Japanese and foreign firms and create seeds and buds that will bloom into international businesses in the future. We hope that this framework, targeting around 10,000 firms, will be used by Japanese SMEs and startups to expand various activities, such as overseas business expansion and exports.

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