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Press Conference by Minister Nishimura (Excerpt)

*Note: This is a provisional translation for reference purposes only.


Friday, July 14, 2023
Press Conference Room, METI Main Building

Opening Remarks

Approval based on the Act on the Promotion of Ensuring National Security through Integrated Implementation of Economic Measures (the "Economic Security Promotion Act")

I would like to mention two points.
First, today, based on the Economic Security Promotion Act, we approved SUMCO’s plan for securing the supply of silicon wafers, which are semiconductor materials. We plan to provide up to 75 billion yen in subsidies.
Regarding silicon wafers, SUMCO and Shin-Etsu Chemical combined hold a majority global share, so Japan occupies a very important position in the global semiconductor supply chain.
The strength in materials and parts is a factor behind the fact that countries around the world are increasing or planning to increase investment in Japan. That is Japan’s strength. It is one of the factors that is attracting investment from overseas.
We hope that SUMCO will continue to lead the world in the development and production of advanced silicon wafers through the strengthening of its manufacturing infrastructure and that the semiconductor manufacturing infrastructure in Japan will be further strengthened as a result.
As for detailed information, the administrative staff will provide a briefing later.

Visit to Yamagata and Akita

Second, on July 16 and 17, I will visit Yamagata and Akita Prefectures.
On July 16, I will visit a carbon-neutral port in the Port of Sakata in Yamagata Prefecture and inspect a project to introduce renewable energy, including photovoltaic and biomass power generation, in a manner that is harmonious with the local communities.
Next, I am scheduled to inspect the Tsuruoka Science Park and exchange opinions with scientists at Keio University’s Institute for Advanced Biosciences and with entrepreneurs, who are advancing innovation at startups.
Afterwards, at Yamagata University’s East Japan Heavy Ion Center, I am scheduled to inspect the world’s smallest heavy ion treatment facility connected to a general hospital, which is known as the Yamagata model.
The following day, on July 17, at the Port of Akita in Akita Prefecture, I am scheduled to inspect Katagami Wind Farm, which is the largest offshore wind power generation facility in the prefecture, and a wind power generation facility located in the Port of Akita that represents the first large-scale commercial offshore wind power project in Japan.

Last updated:2023-07-14