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Chemicals in Products

News Release

Back ground

Many restrictions (and regulations) on chemical substances have been adopted and reinforced in worldwide e.g. EU, US and Asian countries.
For products which are manufactured through the supply-chain, compliance with such restrictions relies on the information from suppliers. Manufactures (suppliers) need to be compliant to their own relevant regulation while addressing their clients' relevant regulation on chemicals in products (CiP) as B to B relationship.

Current situation of information transfer schemes

Currently, two schemes of Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP) and former Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI) serve as Japan's standard CiP guidelines for electronic field.
The standardized scheme for automotive industry is served by International Material Data System (IMDS).

Nevertheless, such "standard schemes" account for *36% of overall data-handling practices: another 64% is comprised with company's own reporting format, which causes substantial burden to midstream operators.

METI report (March 2014)
~ Approach on a new information transfer scheme for chemicalsin products ~

New project composed by the member of JAMP, VT62474 (JPNC, former JGPSSI), Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA), SME, etc. has been launched under the working group held by Japan's Meti (the Ministry of Economt, Trade and Industry) in May 2013.
The workgroup issued the *report in March 2014.

Newest Information

The working group heid by Mizuho Information and Research Institute, Inc. (MHIR) inquires about data format and supporting tools since May 2014. (Supported by METI)
The newest information is posted on the **homepage of chemSHERPA.

Division in Charge

Chemical Management Policy Division

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