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Japan-Africa/Latin America IT Talent Development Seminar


The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has conducted a coding contest for students studying IT and its related fields in Africa and Latin America (referred to below as "target regions") in FY2022, and invited the best students to intern at Japanese companies or their subsidiaries overseas.
A large number of outstanding young IT professionals from the target regions was identified and the Japanese companies that accepted interns have responded favorably to the program.
We will hold informational seminars on the results of this project on the following dates. In addition to holding these events on-site in South Africa and Brazil, we will also be streaming these online. We look forward to your participation.
Seminars will be held at venues (1) and (2) below and will be streamed online.
(1) South Africa venue
Date                : 8 March 2023 (Wed.) 09:00-12:30 (South Africa time)
Venue              : DAVINCI HOTEL AND SUITES (Sophia Conference Room)
Address           : Corner Maude and 5th Str, Sandton, Private Bag X10059, Sandton, South Africa, 2146
(2) Brazil venue
Date                : 9 March 2023 (Thu.) 10:00-13:30 (Brazil time)
Venue              : Japan House, São Paulo (to be determined)


Purpose of the events

Our hope is that Japanese companies will learn more about the level of students studying IT and related fields in the target regions, as well as the growth potential of these regions, and that this information will be useful to companies when developing future strategies for attracting human resources from overseas.
We also hope that the host countries will become more interested in learning from the technology and experience of Japanese companies, and that this will help them to think about the attraction of Japanese companies and of Japan as a potential place to find employment.


  • Japanese companies interested in utilizing tech talents from overseas
  • Government officials in the target regions
  • Professors, students, and others from educational institutions in the target regions

Feedback from interns

  • As it is difficult in my country to find employment overseas, it is wonderful to be able to come to Japan and experience daily life and the actual work environment. It has made me even more interested in finding a job in Japan.
  • Thanks to exposure to the actual business of Japanese companies, I have gained a variety of skills and new knowledge, including on the latest technology.

Feedback from host companies

  • The interns were really great, finishing in only four days the assignments that we had expected them to complete in a month. We would definitely like to consider them when next recruiting.
  • For this project, a coding contest and interviews were held prior to accepting interns, so we were able to get a good sense of both their skills and personalities. The interns not only had a high level of programming skills, but also good presentation and communication skills.

Event program

The program is still being coordinated, and speakers and other details are subject to change.

How to register

(1) Name of participant
(2) Affiliation and position
(3) Preferred mode of participation (choose one of the following: South Africa (in person), Brazil (in person), South Africa (online), or Brazil (online))
(4) Email address
*Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Division in Charge

Technical Cooperation Division
Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau
Tel: +81-3-3501-1937
(Attn: Ms. Sekizawa, Ms. Wakuura)

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