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In Case Your IPR is Infringed -Consultation Center

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Office of Intellectual Property Protection
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,
Office for Intellectual Property Right
Infringement (METI Main Building 5F, East Room No.3)

Address : 1-3-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8901
Tel : +81-3-3501-1701 (9:30-17:00)
Fax : +81-3-3501-6588

Information Offices

  • Japan Patent Office, International Affairs Division, Enforcement Affairs SectionExternal Site Link

    For problems concerning the infringement of industrial property rights, the JPO provides contact the information for domestic law enforcement agencies, such as the customs office and the police. With respect to overseas infringement issues, the JPO provides the contact information for the appropriate government agencies overseas, information on exercising IP rights in each country, and advice on possible measures to take.

  • Japan Federation of Bar Associations (Legal Information and Services)External Site Link

    The homepage of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations contains contact information for various legal consultation offices.

  • Customs Intellectual Property Information CenterExternal Site Link

    For IP right holders who are having problems with IP right infringing goods being manufactured overseas and imported into Japan, the CIPIC provides advice and information on the necessary measures for efficient border control, information on domestic and overseas border control, and other information concerning intellectual property rights.

  • Osaka Prefectural Patent Information CenterExternal Site Link

    The center provides a one-stop service, an all in one place service, related to intellectual property at "the Kansai Patent Information Center", where several patent-related organizations are located to work together. Each of the nine regional small business assistance centers in Osaka provides intellectual property related consultation services free of charge.

Division in Charge

Office for Intellectual Property Right Infringement and International Trade, Manufacturing Industries Bureau
Tel: +81-3-3501-1701
Fax: +81-3-3501-6588

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
1-3-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8901, Japan Tel: +81-(0)3-3501-1511
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