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What is the Office of Intellectual Property Protection?

The Office of Intellectual Property Protection, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), was created based on the need for a single government office capable of comprehensively assisting businesses victimized by counterfeit and pirated goods. The mission of the office includes serving as the focal point for legal coordination, as well in working with relevant ministries and foreign governments.

For this reason, as a government entity, the Office of Intellectual Property Protection ensures inquires are coordinated with all related ministries prior to providing a response.

In May 2004, Prime Minister Koizumi, who also served as the Chief of the Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, decided to create the Office of Intellectual Property Protection; In July 2004 as the organization involved various ministries the [Office of Intellectual Property Protection Relevant Measures and Contact Ministries Meeting] was established; finally on August 31, 2004 the Office of Intellectual Property Protection was created.

Efforts in Japan

  • Receipt of e-mails regarding counterfeit/pirated goods
  • Receipt of telephone inquires and consultations regarding counterfeit/pirated goods
  • Collection and dissemination of information regarding counterfeit/pirated goods
  • Liaison with relevant ministries to effectively execute the above tasks

Efforts towards violators abroad

  • Measures taken towards the violating country/ countries
    • Prepare official requests to government(s)
  • Measures taken towards multiple violating countries
    • Support capacity building among government counterparts
    • Strengthening public-private information sharing
    • Strengthening the international framework related to ACTA, G8, APEC, etc.
    • Strengthening cooperative activities between Japan/U.S. and Japan/EU with developing/ third-party countries

Investigation policy regarding IPR violations encountered overseas

Division in Charge

Office for Intellectual Property Right Infringement and International Trade, Manufacturing Industries Bureau
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