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Recycling Policy
In the initiatives of local governments, businesses and others for separated waste collection, if similar items that are difficult to distinguish visually are mixed together, it becomes more difficult to collect and use them as recyclable resources. The Law for the Promotion of Effective Utilisation of Resources requires that certain products designated by government ordinance have identifying markings that provide identification meeting certain standards. Businesses required to provide the designated identification under the law are those that conduct activities in manufacturing, processing and sales of the specified projects (including businesses that subcontract the manufacturing).

If the businesses subject to these requirements fail to display the required information, or fail to observe other requirements, they are subject to penalties and other measures. However, small businesses that meet the following conditions for sales and number of employees are not subject to the penalties.
Sector Sales Employees
Manufacturing, etc. up to 240 million yen and up to 20 employees
Commercial and service up to 70 million yen and up to 5 employees
Identification for Containers and Packaging
Containers and Packaging Subject to Mandatory Identification
Identification is mandatory for the following containers:
- Plastic containers and packaging (excluding PET bottles for beverages, liquors and specified seasoning)
- Paper containers and packaging (excluding paper-packs for beverage, which do not contain aluminum, and excluding containers and packaging made of corrugated cardboard containers and packaging)
- PET bottles (PET bottles for beverages, liquors and specified seasoning)
- Steel cans for beverages and liquors
- Aluminum cans for beverages and liquors
Identification for Compact Rechargeable Batteries
Items requiring identification image
Identification for PVC Construction Materials
Items requiring identification image
3R Policies
- Overview of 3R Policies
- Key Issues and Current Status
- Japan's Progress Toward a Sustainable Society
- Eco Town Program
- Local 3R Support Program
- Awards Programs
- METI Recycling Guidelines
- Identification
- October is "3R Month" in Japan
Industrial Structure Council
White Papers and Other Report
Information materials
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