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Recycling Policy
Home Appliance Recycling Law
Partial entry into force : January 1, 2005 (promulgated July 2002)
Outline of the Law
  The law provides role-sharing between car owners, ELV-collecting businesses, car manufacturers, and car importers to build a recycling- oriented society in which waste is reduced and resources are used with care.

(1) Vehicles to be regulated

  All types of four-wheel vehicles (including large vehicles and commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses)

End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Law

(2) Responsibilities of the parties concerned

(2-1)Car owners (end users)

  Payment of recycling fee, delivering end-of-life vehicles to ELV-collecting businesses that are registered with local authorities

(2-2)ELV - collecting businesses

  Taking back ELVs from end users and then delivering them to CFC-collecting businesses and auto - dismantling businesses

(2-3)CFC - collecting businesses

  Collecting fluorocarbons properly from ELVs in accordance with the recycling standards, and handing over ELVs to car manufacturers/importers

(2-4)Auto dismantling businesses

  Dismantling ELVs properly in accordance with the recycling standards, collecting airbags and handing over ELVs to car manufacturers/importers

(2-5)Shredding businesses

  Shredding dismantled ELVs (press, cutting and shredding) in accordance with the recycling standards, handing over shredder dust (waste remaining after shredding dismantled ELVs) to car manufacturers/importers

(2-6)Car manufacturers/importers

  Collecting and recycling CFCs, airbags and shredder dust from ELVs that are manufactured and imported by themselves

(3) Payment of recycling fee

(3-1)Fees shall be paid upon purchasing new cars for those who purchase new cars from January 2005, and paid at the first periodic inspection of every in-use vehicle from January 2005 for those who already purchased cars by the end of 2004. In the case of disposing of cars without undergoing a periodic inspection, fees shall be paid to ELV - collecting businesses when ELVs are handed over to them.

(3-2)Recycling fees are determined on every car by individual car manufacturers/ importers, depending on the possibile quantity of shredder dust and CFCs, number of airbags and simplicity of taking off airbags.

(3-3)The average fee for recycling shall be disclosed by car manufacturers/ importers. Visit the websites provided by car manufacturers/importers, or automobile recycling system.

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