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Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act


Introduction for Importers Based in Japan

The purpose of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”) is to prevent hazards and disturbances resulting from electrical appliances. To accomplish this purpose, the Act regulates the manufacture, sale, etc. of Electrical Appliances and Materials (hereinafter referred to as “electrical appliances”).

All persons engaged in manufacturing or importing electrical appliances in Japan shall notify the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of their name, etc. (A person who made this notification is hereinafter referred to as a “Notifying Supplier”.) Therefore, importers based in Japan shall make such notification when starting their business.

For imported electrical appliances, it is the importers which have the obligation to secure the conformity of electrical appliances to the mandatory technical requirements, and which have the right to attach the PSE marks including the name of the importer, once their conformity to the mandatory technical requirements is confirmed.

Particularly, for "specified electrical appliances", importers shall either undergo third-party conformity assessment for the product they import, and obtain and keep the certificate thereof, or obtain an official copy of “the equivalent of a certificate” through manufacturers of the specified electrical appliances concerned and keep the official copy of the equivalent of a certificate.

Regulated Electrical Products

Procedures of Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act for importers based in Japan

Requirements for importers based in Japan

  1. Notification of Business Commencement
    • “Notifying Supplier” which made the notification of business commencement
  2. Compliance with Technical Requirements
    • a) Self-confirmation of conformity (Conduct testing and keep records)
      Required for all regulated Electrical Appliances and Materials (Categories A and B)
    • b) Third-Party Conformity Assessment
      Required only for Category A (Specified Electrical Appliances and Materials)
  3. Marking Requirements

Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act

Lithium-ion batteries

Technical information on procedures for overseas CABs to be designated under the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety & Act Contact Informatio

Division in Charge

Product Safety Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

Last updated:2018-02-07