Product Safety


Product Safety Division is responsible for implementation of product safety-related acts <four Product Safety Acts> aiming to guarantee safety for consumers in Japan by preventing hazards caused by electrical appliances, gas appliances and general consumer products.

<Four Product Safety Acts>

Special Contents for Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act


Press Releases and Related Information

Recall Information

The OECD Global Recalls Portal provides information on mandatory and voluntary consumer product recalls which were issued by a governmental body and were made publicly available around the world. It includes the information on recalls of which details are provided in the METI website in Japanese.

Warning for Those Who Sell Products via the Internet

We prepared a leaflet of warning for those who sell products via the Internet to inform them of Product Safety Acts in Japan and to deepen their understanding. Please refer to the following link to know what the Product Safety Acts in Japan are and what kind of products are regulated by them.

Reference Information for Four Product Safety Acts

The translations here are not official texts, and are not necessarily finalized version. Only the original Japanese texts of the laws / regulations have legal effect, and the translations are to be used solely as reference materials to aid in the understanding of Japanese laws / regulations.

Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act

Gas Business Act

Act on the Securing of Safety and the Optimization of Transaction of Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Consumer Product Safety Act

Division in Charge

Product Safety Division, Industrial and Product Safety Policy Group

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