Invest Japan Office

1. Invest Japan Office

On March 27, 2003, the Japan Investment Council (JIC) approved a report by the JIC Expert Committee stating as follows: The government should “translate into English various types of information on investment procedures, such as those related to the establishment of corporations, M&As, and the establishment of plants and store outlets, and set up a single contact point in the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) for access to such information. To complement its services, each ministry or institution related to investment should set up its own contact point that can indicate the division in charge of a particular procedure, and create a website where investors can obtain necessary information.” In accordance with this statement, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) established the Invest Japan Office, which came into operation on May 27, 2003.

Ahead of other ministries, METI also set up on July 1, 2004, an Invest Japan Office in each METI regional bureau and in the Economy, Trade and Industry Department of the Okinawa General Bureau to provide effective support for foreign firms and investors interested in investing in each region.

2. Services

The Invest Japan Offices provide services in response to the following requests and inquiries:

Inquiry procedure

Inquiries are accepted by any means, including telephone, fax, e-mail, and visits to the Invest Japan Office. Inquiries by proxy are also accepted. However, an inquirer must identify his/her name and address (the company name and address if the inquirer is a corporation), along with a description and reason for the inquiry. An inquirer is also required to present specifics of the potential or planned investment involved.


The Invest Japan Office usually replies to an inquiry within ten days from the date of its acceptance (excluding weekends and holidays). However, this reply period may be extended for licensing applications if the standard processing period is otherwise specified or if careful consideration is needed before decision. Please also note that the Office may not be able to reply to an inquiry if the basis on which decision can be made is insufficient or if any lawsuits against a similar project are in progress.

3. METI Invest Japan Offices

Change ★ into @ when writing an email to METI Invest Japan Office.

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