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EGA(Environment Goods Agreement)

EGA Symposium in Beijing (August 29, 2017)


On August 29, 2017, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry hosted EGA Symposium in Beijing. This symposium aimed to let the audience, in particular, the industries, learn how EGA would achieve a win-win relationship between environment and business. Approximately 150 people from Chinese/Japanese/US/European industries, academics, and government officials, from EGA-related sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, water pollution treatment participated in this symposium. We received many messages from the speakers and the audience that products/technologies can greatly contribute to address environmental issues and the EGA negotiations should be revived immediately, which would also strengthen the free trade system embodied in the WTO.
According to the participants survey, 97% of the participants wished for an early resumption and conclusion of EGA negotiations. The top reasons include “environmental concerns and CSR” and “promoting trading activities with foreign companies.” Also, nearly 90% of the participants answered that the symposium helped their understanding and raised their interest in EGA negotiations.


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Last updated:2017-09-13