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Service Industries Policy


Development Committee for 2020 and Beyond

Outline of the service industries policy

Outline of the report compiled in the “Study Group on Innovation and Productivity Improvement in Service Industries” in FY2006 is as follows;

Outline of individual measures

Japan 300 High-Service Awards (in Japanese)

269 cases of advanced measures (best practices) that have contributed to innovation and productivity improvement in service industries are announced and awarded, and information pertaining to their efforts shared widely.

Examples of improvements in service processes (in Japanese)

28 cases are introduced, in which improvements in quality and work efficiency were achieved through the application of production management know-how in the service industries.

JCSI (Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index)

Under preparation

Service Engineering

Outline of the commissioned research and development project on service engineering is as follows;

Globalization of service industries (in Japanese)

Report summarizing the outcome of the Global Service Forum held in FY 2009. The Forum was established as part of Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth (SPRING) in order to create an arena for cooperation among government, industry, and academia.

Press Releases and Related Information


National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Divisions in Charge

Service Affairs Policy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
Service Industries Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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