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Call for Attention: Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures

March 24, 2022

Joint Press Release with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, National Police Agency, and NISC

In light of the recently increasing risk of cyber-attacks, the government has called for attention to be placed on this critical issue twice since the end of February.
However, as ransomware attacks and Emotet infections are still increasing in Japan, four Japanese ministries and agencies are calling for added attention on strengthening cybersecurity measures at this time.

1. Overview

In light of the recently increasing risk of cyber-attacks, the government called for attention by issuing the press releases "Call for Attention: Strengthen Cybersecurity Measures Based on the Recent Situation (Attachment 1)" on February 23, and "Call for Attention: Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures (Attachment 2)" on March 1.
Reports of ransomware attacks and other cyber-attack incidents have continued in Japan since then, and there is also an increase in Emotet malware infections. On March 21 in the United States, President Biden issued a statement calling on critical infrastructure owners and operators in the country to be cautious as Russia is exploring options for potential cyber-attacks. He also provided concrete steps companies can take to strengthen cybersecurity measures.
Given the current situation including ransomware and Emotet attacks, companies and organizations—such as government agencies and critical infrastructure operators—are requested to further their understanding of the threat of cyber-attacks and thoroughly implement the measures listed in the above press releases made on February 23 and March 1 ([i] risk mitigation; [ii] early detection of incidents; and [iii] appropriate response and recovery in the event of an incident). Please also check the information and websites that cybersecurity professional organizations have disclosed before taking action against ransomware and Emotet attacks. In addition, if you detect any suspicious activity, please promptly provide information to relevant ministries and agencies and security-related organizations, and also consult with the police.

2. Measures for small and medium-sized businesses

If your company is affected by a cyber-attack, its impact can extend beyond your business activities to those of the entire supply chain. Hence, we recommend that you take active cybersecurity measures, including making use of the "Cybersecurity Supporters Services."

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