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METI Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshikawa Participates in the G7 Digital Ministers' Meeting

May 12, 2022

Joint Press Release with the Digital Agency and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Ms. Yoshikawa Yumi, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, attended the two-day G7 Digital Ministers' Meeting held in Dusseldorf, Germany on May 10 (Tue.) and 11 (Wed.). The ministers discussed current issues related to digitalization and related frameworks, and adopted a Ministerial Declaration.

Chaired by Germany, the G7 Digital Ministers' Meeting was held with the theme "Strong together." The discussions covered six fields: (1) digitization and the environment, (2) standardization, (3) Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT), (4) competitive digital markets, (5) online safety (eSafety), and (6) electronic transferable records (ETRs). They also included cyber resilience in relation to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshikawa, Digital Minister Makishima, and Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination Sasaki (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) attended.

During the meeting, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshikawa stated in the discussions related to the Ministerial Declaration that regarding the implementation of DFFT—a concept that Japan advocated in the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit—in cooperation with the G7, METI was progressively examining proposals for pragmatic solutions that use an evidence-based approach and take into account the current situation regarding cross-border data transfers.

Regarding data centers and other digital infrastructure, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshikawa asserted the importance of working to make the digital sector green, given that the rapid progress of digitalization in various fields will massively increase the volume of data processed, and this in turn will raise the energy consumption of digital infrastructure.

In addition, in the roundtable discussion with the B7, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshikawa made statements and exchanged views about the growing importance of smooth cooperation between the public and private sectors in order to implement policies to maximize the benefits of digitalization. In particular, she said that it would be important that not just governments but also all stakeholders including industry involved with the utilization of data cooperate in order to progressively flesh out DFFT.

Based on these discussions, the ministers adopted a Ministerial Declaration to the effect that they would aim to encourage multi-stakeholders to address the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, the environment, and other global issues and make the economy and society more prosperous and resilient; that they would support innovation, strengthen respect for democratic values and universal human rights, and continue coordinated efforts to maintain an open, interoperable, reliable, and safe Internet; and that they would oppose any measures that could hamper these values and rights.

The main points the ministers made in the Ministerial Declaration are as follows:

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