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  5. A Technologies Inventory has been developed for the purpose of analyzing Green Transformation (GX) Technologies based on patent information.

A Technologies Inventory has been developed for the purpose of analyzing Green Transformation (GX) Technologies based on patent information.

June 23, 2022

The Japan Patent Office has developed a new technologies inventory which gives a bird’s-eye view of technologies related to Green Transformation (GX), and along with the patent search formulae linked to each category, it was published as the Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI).

The GXTI illustrates how to categorize GX technologies and how to search for patent documents which include a category of GX technology.
It is expected that the GXTI will become a useful common asset for companies to make evidence-based analyses of GX technologies based on the patent information and to make necessary disclosures of their climate change-related information.

Background to the Creation of the GXTI

Following the revision of Japan’s Corporate Governance Code in June 2021, companies listed on the Prime Market in the Tokyo Stock Exchange New Market Segments are supposed to enhance the quality and quantity of their information disclosure related to climate change.

In this context, to support the companies to make evidence-based accounts of their climate change-related information, the new technologies inventory, which gives a bird’s-eye view of the patent technologies related to Green Transformation (GX), was developed, and along with the patent search formulae linked to each technology, the JPO decided to publish the contents and to name it the “GXTI (Green Transformation Technologies Inventory)”.

The GXTI presents an example of how GX technologies can be categorized, and how patent documents can be searched for a particular GX technology.

With the GXTI, a company can objectively quantify their strengths in GX technology by quoting the number of their patent applications in each technology category, for instance. Making comparisons with other companies in terms of technology categories in the GXTI might also be useful for planning their business strategy and patent strategy.

The GXTI and its patent search formulae

The technologies inventory was developed after two rounds of discussions (6 January 2022 and 6 April 2022) by a panel comprised of six external experts with in-depth knowledge of GX technology.
In addition, the patent search formulae linked to each technology category were prepared by patent examiners in each field, making use of the know-how of the JPO Examination Department, which is an expert in patent searches.

The patent search formula in the GXTI can be used for worldwide patent document search.
It is also possible to figure out the number of patents acquired by other companies as well as one’s own by technology category.

Further Plans by the JPO

Survey by the JPO

The JPO plans to conduct a survey using the GXTI to outline the trends in patent applications in each country by GXTI technology category, and to identify and disseminate evidence-based information on areas in which Japan has strengths.

In addition to visualizing the share and transition of GX technology in Japan and other countries, this survey report is also intended to be used by companies and others as a reference for analysis methods when conducting patent analysis using GXTI.
The report will be released in April or May 2023. We also plan to release the progress of the survey as needed during FY2022.

Notable Technologies not in the GXTI

The JPO is also planning to select and publish around five to ten themes of notable technologies, such as “Energy Saving at Data Centers”, “Inventions related to CO2 Emission Transactions” etc., which are not part of the GXTI hierarchical structure.

International Development

The JPO intends to take international initiatives and to hold discussions with intellectual property offices of the United States, Europe, China, and Korea, as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) regarding the effective use and the improvement of the GXTI. The GXTI will be reviewed and updated as necessary.

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