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Minister Hagiuda Visits Australia

July 15, 2022

Mr. Hagiuda Koichi, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, visited Sydney, Australia from July 13 (Wed.) to 14 (Thur.). He attended the Quad Energy Ministers' meeting—also attended by ministers from the United States, Australia, and India—and the Sydney Energy Forum.

1. Quad Energy Ministers' meeting

Minister Hagiuda attended the first meeting of the Quad Energy Ministers, comprised of himself and fellow energy ministers from the United States, Australia, and India. All four ministers agreed on their objectives: to ensure energy security by developing and popularizing zero emissions technologies faster in order to drive the transition to clean energy (hydrogen, fuel ammonia, etc.), and by strengthening clean energy supply chains.

2. Speech at the Sydney Energy Forum

Minister Hagiuda shared details on Japan's work to bolster energy security and decarbonize, and he spoke on the importance of (1) having various pathways based on each country's circumstance, (2) creating innovation, and (3) moving forward on these efforts globally—including countries with high emissions and Asian countries—in order to achieve carbon neutrality worldwide.

3. Meeting with Ms. Granholm, Secretary of Energy of the United States

Minister Hagiuda requested that the United Sates—one of the world's leading producers of LNG—increase its LNG production and provide a stable supply, and Secretary Granholm showed that she understood Japan's position. The two also discussed their countries' cooperation in the clean energy field, among other topics.

4. Meetings with Mr. Bowen, Australia's Minister for Climate Change and Energy, and Ms. King, Australia's Minister for Resources

Minister Hagiuda also requested that Australia—Japan's largest supplier of LNG—increase its LNG production and provide a stable supply, and Australia's ministers demonstrated that they understood Japan's position. At these two meetings, the ministers also discussed topics such as their countries' cooperation in the resources field.

(Left: Meeting with Minister Bowen; Middle and right: Meeting with Minister King)

5. Meeting with Mr. Singh, India's Cabinet Minister of Power and Minister of New and Renewable Energy

The two ministers confirmed their countries' actual progress on cooperating in the hydrogen and fuel ammonia fields based on the India-Japan Clean Energy Partnership, and they agreed on the fact that further public and private partnerships between their countries is important to speed up energy transitions.

6. Meeting with Mr. Arifin, Indonesia's Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

The two ministers confirmed the importance of their countries cooperating to achieve the "Asia Zero Emissions Community" vision, and they discussed tangible efforts in the ammonia and renewable energy fields in particular.

7. Lunch meeting with Japanese companies in Australia

With the goal of further developing business relations between Japan and Australia, Minister Hagiuda listened to requests from and exchanged views with representatives from Japanese companies expanding into Australia. The attendees discussed the fact that Australia is a Special Strategic Partner both politically and diplomatically, and that it and Japan have a complementary relationship that is essential for each of them on the economic front, as well as in other areas. They also spoke about the importance of further strengthening Australia-Japan relations in the energy, climate change, and trade fields.

Division in Charge

International Affairs Division, Commissioner's Secretariat, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
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