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METI to Hold the 5th Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan (WASS)

September 20, 2022

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will hold the 5th Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan (WASS) on November 22 as an international event, inviting experts from within Japan and abroad to share information across borders. At this summit, industry and medical professionals will collaborate to address the problems that are surfacing due to the aging population and promote the solving of issues by creating a new, next-generation healthcare industry.
The summit, titled “the International Forum on the Super Aging Challenge”, is part of a two-day event to be jointly held with the “Super Active Aging Society Conference (SAAS),” which is organized by Nikkei Inc. and held on November 21. Through a program of private-public events that lead the international community, this two-day event aims to accelerate innovations that will help increase the healthy life expectancy of people around the world.

1. Date and time

November 22, 2022 (Tue.), 10:00 to 18:25

2. Format

In person (Iino Hall & Conference Center) and online streaming
Language: Japanese/English (simultaneous interpretation)

3. Apply to participate

You must apply in advance in order to attend the summit in person or via online streaming.

For more details, see the summit website here.external link

4. Program (planned) *The list of speakers will be updated on the summit website as changes occur.

  1. Opening remarks by organizers
  2. Keynote Speech 1: Introducing digital health initiatives in other countries
  3. Keynote Speech 2: Introducing medical industry initiatives for the future of healthcare
  4. Panel Session 1: The significance of and issues in promoting the use of personal health records (PHR)
  5. Panel Session 2: Strengthening the system for accepting industry certifications and international communication (Inbound medical tourism)
  6. Panel Session 3: Promoting health management internationally based on human capital formation
  7. Panel Session 4: Digitalizing global medical and nursing care in the Web 3.0 era
  8. Closing remarks

Division in Charge

Healthcare Industries Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group