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“Carbon Footprints Practical Guide” Prepared

May 26, 2023

Joint press release with the Ministry of the Environment

Based on the results of the meetings of the Study Group on Product Carbon Footprint Calculations and Verification for Supply Chain-Wide Carbon Neutrality, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) have jointly prepared a practical guide to help companies tackle related efforts involving carbon footprints, such as their calculation and indication.

1. Overview

METI launched the Study Group on Product Carbon Footprint Calculations and Verification for Supply Chain-Wide Carbon Neutrality (chairperson: Dr. Inaba Atsushi, Director, Japan Life Cycle Assessment Facilitation Centre) in order to create markets that prioritize green products over others with the goal of reducing emissions across the whole supply chain to achieve carbon neutrality, and to help Japan grow. METI proceeded to hold a series of meetings and released two compilations of discussion results on March 31, 2023: [i] Carbon Footprint Report and [ii] Carbon Footprint Guidelines.

MOE and METI planned to publish an appendix to the Carbon Footprint Guidelines to be titled the (Appendix) Practical Guide at a later date. MOE and METI hereby releases the appendix now prepared by the ministries.

Focusing on the Basic Requirements shown in Part 2 of the Carbon Footprint Guidelines, the Practical Guide explains the method for calculating carbon footprints in a way consistent with the requirements, the method for indicating and disclosing calculated carbon footprints and the method for examining emission reduction.

In addition, the Appendix part of the Practical Guide describes well-designed approaches to the calculation method that were taken in a model project. The Appendix part provides well-organized practical guides including the knowledge gained in the model project.

METI and MOE have decided to jointly release the Practical Guide.

2. Outline of the Practical Guide

The Practical Guide provides well-organized information on specific approaches to tackling carbon footprints with the following format.

  1. Calculation
  2. Indication and disclosure
  3. Reduction

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