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GENIAC to be Launched as a Project for Enhancing Japan's Capability to Develop Generative AI

February 2, 2024

Joint Press Release with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Aiming to enhance Japan’s capability to develop generative AI, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will launch the Generative AI Accelerator Challenge, or GENIAC, a project to provide support to companies etc. in securing computational resources necessary for the development of foundation models and to encourage collaboration among stakeholders.

1. Background

Generative AI is considered to be a technological innovation comparable to the Internet and other advanced technologies. As this innovative technology is expected not only to contribute to solving social problems, including labor shortages, but also to be utilized in all industries, it may have a significant impact on industrial activities and people's lives.

Whether or not Japanese companies have the capability to develop generative AI is a key factor that may determine the availability of this technology in Japan as well as the scope of innovation to be created. Accordingly, it is important for Japan to swiftly strengthen this capability amid the growing intensification of international competitiveness for the development of generative AI.

2. Overview of GENIAC

METI will launch a project called GENIAC to enhance Japan’s capability to develop generative AI. Under this project, it will provide support to companies in securing computational resources for developing foundation models as a core technology of regenerative AI, encouraging collaboration among stakeholders, conveying related information to overseas countries, and so forth.

Providing support in securing computational resources

Securing computational resources is a major issue for companies to develop foundation  models. To overcome this, METI will take advantage of the Project for Research and Development of Enhanced Foundation for Post 5G Information Communication Systems that NEDO has been advancing (see the related links below) and support companies in securing computational resources and providing subsidies for the costs incurred in the use of these resources.

Encouraging collaboration among stakeholders and conveying related information to other countries

METI will hold a succession of various events not only to provide developers with opportunities to widen networks and share knowledge but also to promote the utilization of generative AI. These will include seminars to which overseas experts are invited, networking events for developers, and events to match developers and users.

Moreover, METI will launch a website exclusively for GENIAC to raise public awareness about its activities.

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Division in Charge

Software and Information Service Industry Strategy Office, IT Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau