Unleashing Japan's Generative AI Development capabilities Generative AI Accelerator Challenge



Generative AI is expected to have a significant impact on industrial activities and people's lives because it has the potential to replace humans in a variety of creative tasks that conventional AI cannot replicate.

The key to generative AI is the development of a platform model.
A platform model is the core technological foundation that supports various services that utilize generative AI, and its development capability may determine the availability of generative AI in Japan as well as the scope of innovation to be created.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has launched the Generative AI Accelerator Challenge (GENIAC) to raise the level of platform model development capability in Japan and to encourage companies and others to be creative.
GENIAC will provide computational resources, support matching with companies and data holders, support collaboration with global tech companies, hold community events, and evaluate the performance of the developed platform models.

As generative AI is about to bring about changes to the world, GENIAC aims to improve Japan's development capabilities by bringing together the knowledge of stakeholders in Japan and other countries.



Schedule graph:1st period February to August  February:Start 1st period  April:1st expert event  May:Matching event  June:2nd expert event, Lightning talk event

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  • picture:
    Implement a fruitful world with
    Generative AI
    ABEJA, Inc. Representative Director and CEO Yousuke Okada
  • picture:
    Creating a new kind of
    foundation model
    Sakana AI K.K. Research Scientist Takuya Akiba
  • picture:
    We want to go far,
    so we go together
    National Institute of Informatics /ROIS Director General Sadao Kurohashi
  • picture:
    Generative AI with significantly
    suppressed hallucinations
    Stockmark Inc. Co-Founder CTO Kosuke Arima
  • picture:
    Multimodal foundation Model for Fully
    Autonomous Driving
    Turing Inc. CTO Shunsuke Aoki
  • picture:
    Increase Japanese innovation
    by fostering LLM developers
    The University of Tokyo Professor at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Technology Management for Innovation Yutaka Matsuo
  • picture:
    Strengthening Industry with
    a Foundation Model
    Preferred Elements Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Daisuke Okanohara
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  • logo:National Institute of Informatics /ROIS
  • logo:Stockmark Inc.
  • logo:Turing Inc.
  • logo:Matsuo and Iwasawa Laboratory at the University of Tokyo
  • logo:Preferred Elements Co., Ltd.



From March 2024, developers other than those from selected companies will be able to participate in the GENIAC community.
This is a place for sharing information on Slack, holding seminars and online events with invited experts, and discussing the latest status of generative AI.
Screening and consent are required for participation, and pre-registration will be held from February.

  • Study sessions and seminars with experts:Global tech companies and experts share cutting-edge technology and development trends
  • Knowledge sharing among generative AI developers:Mutual support through sharing and discussion of best practices related to development methods and governance
  • Promoting the use and development of generative AI through matching: Promote the matching of generative AI users with developers and promote the development and use of generative AI


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Last updated:2024-02-01