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Intellectual Asset-Based Management

Keys to Intellectual Asset-Based Management Evaluation Finance

Guidelines for Practices of Intellectual Asset-Based Management for Small and Medium Enterprises

Conference about Intellectual Asset-Based Management

OECD Conference on Intellectual Asset-Based Management
-Toward Innovation and Sustainable Growth-

Report about Intellectual Asset-Based Management

Intellectual Asset-Based Management Manual

Why intellectual asset management is crucial

There are many benefits on offer for companies that disclose information about their intellectual assets, say Eiichi Yamamoto and Toshimichi Matano of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Perspective of Intellectual Assets Based Management Reports and Empirical Analysis and Research of Disclosure
– Disclosure of “Strength” and Dialogue with Stakeholders –

  • Pioneering corporate assessors (such as analysts and investors) analyzing “perspective” for assessing intellectual assets based management reports
  • Quantitatively figuring out the need for disclosure of information based on the results of questionnaire responses from corporate assessors
  • Introducing “example of excellent disclosure” recommended by corporate assessors
  • Proposing future engagements of corporate assessors and corporations

Guidelines for Disclosure of Intellectual Assets Based Management

Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry
October 2005

Interim Report by Subcommittee on Management & Intellectual Assets

August 12, 2005

Subcommittee on Management & Intellectual Assets, New Growth Policy Committee, Industrial Structure Council

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