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Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

Technology Licensing Organization (TLO)

As a corporation with the role of bridging industries and universities, a TLO provides a service of assisting with patent applications for technologies that resulted from research by university researchers and in transferring the patent rights for technologies to companies.

Funding from National Universities and Other Institutes to Venture Businesses and Other Businesses

When a venture capital firm or other business intends to provide management consulting or funding services to university-affiliated venture businesses and other entities that make use of technologies resulting from the research at national universities and other research institutes (Support Program for Utilizing Specified Research Results), it may submit a plan concerning the service to both the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the METI Minister to receive approval, stating that the plan is appropriate, thereby allowing them access to a venture capital fund and other support.

If the ministers find that the plan is appropriate under the guidelines, and therefore, that the venture capital firm is authorized as a support entity for the venture business utilizing the specified technologies resulting from research, the venture business is allowed to receive funding and human-resources and technical support from the national university and the venture capital firms.

Cross-Appointment System

Under the cross-appointment system, a researcher or expert is allowed to be employed by two or more organizations including universities, public research institutes and companies, while engaging in R&D and educational efforts in accordance with the role expected of him/her in each organization under the role-management system.

Industry-Academia-Government Collaborative Roundtable on Human Resources Development in Science and Technology

As part of the Strategy for Human Resources Development in the Science and Technology Fields, METI and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, established the Industry-Academia-Government Collaborative Roundtable on Human Resources Development in Science and Technology to provide opportunities for academia and representatives from Japanese industry and government to hold discussions on enhancing the strategy and advancing appropriate, concrete measures. At the meetings, participants have been discussing what respective roles industries, universities, and the government should be asked to fulfill in terms of fostering human resources to meet the needs of certain industries.

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Industry-University Collaboration Office, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau

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