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Fifth Round of Selection of Applicants for the J-Innovation Hub Initiative

September 22, 2023

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has conducted the fifth round of the public call for applicants for the J-Innovation Hub Initiative. After a strict selection process, ten successful hubs were selected.

METI will advance dialogues and deploy support measures commensurate with individual challenges and needs.

1. Overview of the J-Innovation Hub Initiative

Under this initiative, METI targets regional innovation hubs, mainly universities, and assesses and selects outstanding industry-academia bases that are playing a leading role as hubs for networks of companies. The aim is to enhance their creditworthiness, focus public support measures on them, and enhance the capabilities of the top-ranking hubs.
METI selects the hubs in two categories: the international development category and the regional contribution category.

International development category

Hubs that are actively engaged in industry-academia collaboration activities with global enterprises both at home and abroad, and are aiming for further business development overseas in the future.

Regional contribution category

Hubs that are aiming to solve regional issues, boost regional economies, and take on other challenges, and that are actively engaging in industry-academia collaboration activities with regional companies and municipalities.

2. Outline of the selection process

METI held a call for applicants from June 27 to July 31, 2023, and received 19 applications.
It examined the applications from the perspective of the factors below, and selected candidates based on discussions by an examination committee of outside experts.

Major factors for the examination

3. Successful hubs in the fifth round of selection of applicants for the J-Innovation Hub Initiative

International development category

Osaka University Institute of Laser Engineering
Kobe University Engineering Biology Research Center (EGBRC)
Hokkaido University Creative Research Institution, Space Mission Center

Regional contribution category

Ehime University Institute for Collaborative Relations
Kobe University Enterprise Partnerships Division
Kobe University Centerfor Advanced Medical Engineering Research & Development (CAMED)
Saitama University Open Innovation Center; Advanced Institute of Innovative Technology
Shiga University Data Science and AI Innovation Research Promotion Center
Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, AI Incubation Farm
Toyohashi University of Technology Research Institute for Science & Technology Innovation

Note: In Japanese syllabary order

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