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Emerging State of Fashion Report Compiled

May 2, 2022

In November 2021, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) established the Study Group on Fashion Futures to examine measures necessary to capture expanding demand overseas while taking into account many changes in the field of fashion emerging both in Japan and overseas.
The results of the discussion were compiled into this report.

1. Background

The environment surrounding the fashion industry has been changing in recent years. For instance, the consumer environment is changing with the rise of new challenges such as the diversifying forms of consumption, socially conscious consumers who are vocal about issues such as climate change, and the expansion of areas of self-expression including the digital realm (digital fashion). As a result of these circumstances, signs of the future of fashion have surfaced in Japan and overseas, including the emergence of new service models, vitalization of the resale market, creation of new markets that utilize digital technology, and the utilization of biotechnology.
METI established the Study Group on Fashion Futures in November 2021 in order to aid Japan in recognizing these signs of change, taking the lead in creating the future of fashion, and promoting the sustainable creation of value through fashion by utilizing its artistic culture, traditional crafts, textile-producing potential, and bio- and digital technologies. The study group has held five discussions to date.

2. Main information contained in the report

This report contains a compilation of discussions on how people express themselves using fashion (i.e., how people interact with communities, society, and the environment), the challenges faced by the fashion industry, and the "future" of fashion.
The report contains 10 key concepts important for creating a desirable future for fashion that embraces three perspectives: fashion that is harmonious with people and nature, fashion that changes through technology, and fashion that creates new value.

  1. Business Model to Narrow the Supply-Demand Gap
  2. Fashion Culture that appreciates long lasting quality goods
  3. Building a Circular System
  4. Digital Fashion Without Mass
  5. The Rise of Technology to Support Creativity
  6. New Market Regulations for a Creative Society
  7. Redefining the notion of Luxury
  8. Acquisition of future oversea demand
  9. Notable Fashion Laws in business
  10. Human resources required for the future of fashion

3. About the report

For more information on the Study Group on Fashion Futures, please visithere (in Japanese).

  1. Emerging State of Fashion Report(in Japanese *Executive Summary is available in English)
  2. Emerging State of Fashion Report (vertical reading version)(in Japanese *Executive Summary is available in English)
  3. [Attachment]Examples of measures by METI to support the fashion industry (in Japanese)

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