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Certificates of Origin will be Shifted to Issuance in PDF Format Files under EPA for Viet Nam

June 14, 2023

Certificates of origin (CO) will be shifted to issuance in PDF format for Viet Nam under the Japan-Viet Nam Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and the Japan-ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP) Agreement.

Simplifying and speeding up origin certification procedures will increase the use of the EPA, which is also expected to promote agricultural exports.

1. Procedures for issuing COs under the EPA

When exporting a product from Japan using the third-party certification system under the EPA, an exporter must apply for the issuance of a CO, after submitting documents to the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI)—the designated issuing body—to prove that the exporting product is of Japanese origin under the EPA and receiving JCCI’s certification.

2. Shifting to issuance of COs in PDF files

Aiming to enhance convenience for businesses, the Government of Japan has been promoting digitalization of COs.* As part of this, from September 19, 2023, it will shift the issuance of COs to PDF files for Viet Nam under the Japan-Viet Nam EPA and under the AJCEP Agreement. From September 19, 2023, when an importer submits any import declarations at customs in Viet Nam with the number and the issuance date of its CO, the Viet Nam Customs will be able to confirm the information on the CO. Accordingly, such importer will not be required to submit CO in a PDF file or on paper. For details, please make sure of the procedures of Viet Nam Customs.

*Note: Japan started issuing COs in PDF format under the Japan-Thailand EPA and under the RCEP Agreement in January 2022. It is scheduled to shift the issuance of COs to PDF files for India under the Japan-India EPA, and for Malaysia under the Japan-Malaysia EPA and the AJCEP Agreement from July 18, 2023. Moreover, it is scheduled to introduce the CO data exchange under the Japan-Indonesia EPA from June 26, 2023.

3. EPA Info Desk

A consultation desk dedicated to the use of the EPAs has been established to handle various concerns, questions, and feedback regarding their use, as many of them have come into effect with differing rules of origin and other aspects. Please feel free to use the EPA Info Desk.

Email address: epa-desk★epa-info.go.jp (Note: Please change the star symbol (★) to the @ symbol.)

Contact office: Origin Certification Policy Office, Trade Control Department, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, METI

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