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April 2017

June 15 (Japanese release dates below)

April 11 The cabinet decides to submit the application to host the International Registered Exhibition in 2025 and to present a bid dossier.

May 15 (Japanese release dates below)

April 21 2017 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan and 2017 White Paper on Small Enterprises in Japan Released

May 10 (Japanese release dates below)

April 7 2025 World Exposition Assessment Committee Compiles a Report

May 8 (Japanese release dates below)

April 14 The Long-term Climate Change Policy Platform Compiles a Report

May 2 (Japanese release dates below)

April 28 Results of the Regional Economic and Industrial Research (January–March 2017)
April 27 Call for Entrepreneur Applicants for the Start Next Innovator 2017 Initiative (Program for Fostering Global Entrepreneurs)
April 26 METI Formulates Cybersecurity Guidelines for Energy Resource Aggregation Business

May 1 (Japanese release dates below)

April 26 METI Compiles the Results of a Survey on the Current Rate of New Business Registrations and Other Issues Related to University-Oriented Venture Businesses
April 21 Follow-up on the Efforts for Achieving the Process for Dialogue-based Shareholder Meetings
April 18 Declaration of Plan to Introduce 100 Billion Electronic Tags for Products in Convenience Stores Formulated

April 28 (Japanese release dates below)

April 28 LNG Producer-Consumer Conference 2017
April 18 METI Formulates “Key Points to Be Noted in Filing a Request for the Special Provisions for an Extension of the Due Date for Filing a Final Return Form of Corporate Tax Payment”

April 27 (Japanese release dates below)

April 24 The Sixth Japan-Viet Nam Policy Dialogue on Distribution and Logistics to be Held
April 21 The Third Meeting of the Japan-Russia Energy Initiative Council Held
April 20 METI Conducts a Survey on the Current State of Companies’ Data-related Management and Contracts for the Promotion of Data Utilization
April 19 Report Compiled by the Intellectual Property System Study Group for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

April 26 (Japanese release dates below)

April 17 Geological Disposal Technology Working Group has compiled a Report Titled “Summary of Requirement and Criteria for Nationwide Map of Scientific Features for Geological Disposal”

April 25 (Japanese release dates below)

April 18 The Cabinet Grants Approval for Japan’s Official Participation in Expo 2020 Dubai

April 24 (Japanese release dates below)

April 24 Application to Host the 2025 World Exposition

April 19 (Japanese release dates below)

April 13 FY2015 Energy Supply and Demand Report (Revised Report)
April 12 The Working Group for Studying Supply-Demand Matching of Human Resources Formulates a Report
April 12 METI Minister Seko Holds a Meeting with H.E. Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
April 11 ASEAN Economic Ministers Roadshow Held

April 18 (Japanese release dates below)

April 10 A Research Report on the Current State of Law Enforcement by Competition Authorities in Emerging and Other Countries Compiled
April 10 Second Offshore Methane Hydrate Production Test Begins
April 8 Silicon Valley D-Lab Project x the Machine Parts and Tooling Industries Seminar Held
April 8 Call for Public Comments Starts for a Draft Outline of the Competition Challenges in the World Robot Summit

April 17 (Japanese release dates below)

April 12 METI State Minister Takagi Visits the Italian Republic
April 7 Extension of Ban on Imports from and Exports to North Korea, Pursuant to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act
April 6 Steel Demand Prospects for the First Quarter of FY2017 (April–June 2017)

April 14 (Japanese release dates below)

April 12 Progress Made in Regulatory Reform for Individual Enterprises

April 13 (Japanese release dates below)

April 7 METI State Minister Matsumura Visits the Federal Republic of Germany

April 11 (Japanese release dates below)

April 3 A Commodity Clearing Organization in Japan Becomes Certified to Provide Clearing Services to Financial Institutes or Other Organizations in Europe
April 3 Promotion of Collaboration with the Most Highly Regarded Education Institute to Foster Management Human Resources for the Service Industry

April 10 (Japanese release dates below)

April 7 Twelfth Round of Negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement among Japan, China and the ROK to be Held

April 7 (Japanese release dates below)

April 3 Notifications of General Provisions for Contract Gas Manufacturing Service Filed by Gas Manufacturers Accepted

April 6 (Japanese release dates below)

April 3 METI Vice-Minister Sugawara Visits the People’s Republic of China

April 4 (Japanese release dates below)

April 4 A Panel was Established under the WTO Agreement Regarding India's Safeguard Measures on Steel Products
April 3 Japan and Singapore Hold Inaugural Energy Dialogue
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