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May 2017

June 26 (Japanese release dates below)

May 30 A Final Report on the New Industrial Structure Vision was compiled
May 29 Round Table Conference on "Connected Industries" Held with METI Minister Mr. Seko and Top company executives in related industries

June 23 (Japanese release dates below)

May 23 The 2017 Report on Compliance by Major Trading Partners with Trade Agreements (WTO, FTA/EPA and IIA) and the METI Priorities Based on the 2017 Report Released

June 13 (Japanese release dates below)

May 30 Contract Guidelines on Data Utilization Rights ver. 1.0 Formulated

June 7 (Japanese release dates below)

May 31 Report on the Results of the 2016 Economic Census for Business Activity Compiled (Preliminary Report)
May 31 SMEA Compiles a Collection of Case Examples Concerning Creation of Startups and New Business through Second Jobs and Side Jobs
May 31 Announcement of Selected Companies in the Competitive IT Strategy SME Selection 100 Program
May 31 Announcement of Selected Companies in the 2017 Competitive IT Strategy Company Stock Selection Program
May 29 METI Formulates Guidance for Integrated Corporate Disclosure and Company-Investor Dialogues for Collaborative Value Creation

June 6 (Japanese release dates below)

May 31 METI Compiles Process Guide for Fund-raising Approaches and Private Fund Utilization for Development of Stadiums and Arenas
May 30 Super Creators Certified under the MITOU Program!

June 2 (Japanese release dates below)

May 15 Suspension of the Gas Production Test under the Second Offshore Methane Hydrate Production Test

June 1 (Japanese release dates below)

May 29 Summer Energy Efficiency Efforts
May 29 Call for Applicants for the Young Professionals Japan Program for Fostering Future Experts in the Field of Standardization
May 29 Forum Titled “Platform for Cultivation of Forests and Utilization of Domestic Lumber: For the Utilization of Domestic Lumber in Non-housing Fields” to be Held
May 26 Enforcement Status of the Basel Convention and Domestic Laws Concerning Import/Export of Specified Hazardous Wastes in 2016
May 26 Follow-up of the Efforts for the Basic Policies for Future-oriented Trade Practices to be Conducted
May 25 JPO agreed with CGPDTM on Expanded Cooperation in the Field of Industrial Property
May 22 TM5 Compile the "Case Examples of Bad-Faith Trademark Filings"

May 30 (Japanese release dates below)

May 23 METI Minister Seko Visits the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

May 29 (Japanese release dates below)

May 24 Review of the End User List
May 23 Study Group for Establishment of Business Environments Holds its First Meeting Concerning the Project for Promotion of Environment Development for Data Utilization Involving Smart Homes

May 26 (Japanese release dates below)

May 19 Third Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Intersessional Ministerial Meeting
May 17 Adoption of Japan-ASEAN Joint Statement for Intellectual Property and Agreement on IP Rights Action Plan

May 24 (Japanese release dates below)

May 19 The Minamata Convention enters into force on August 16, 2017
May 19 Private Businesses Start Discussions on New Collaboration for Full-fledged Development of Hydrogen Stations
May 19 Study Group for Policy Issues in the Era of Large-volume Introduction of Renewable Energy Holds its First Meeting
May 19 Roadmap 2017 for Japan-Argentina Cooperation for Enhancement of Trade and Investment Formulated
May 18 Japanese University Starts a Double Degree Program with Overseas University toward the Development of Management Human Resources for the Service Industry
May 18 Guidelines for Collaboration between Business Entities and R&D-based Venture Businesses (First Version) Compiled

May 22 (Japanese release dates below)

May 22 New Establishment and Revision of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (May 2017)
May 17 METI State Minister Matsumura Visits China
May 1 Mr. Seko, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and Minister for Economic Cooperation with Russia, Visits the Russian Federation

May 18 (Japanese release dates below)

May 17 The Week from June 10 to 16 is Explosives Safety Week
May 16 Event titled “MAFF and METI Collaboration Symposium: Innovation Creation through Collaborative R&D for the Utilization of Living Resources, AI and IoT” to be Held
May 8 First Comprehensive Policy Recommendations Concerning FinTech Titled “FinTech Vision” Compiled

May 17 (Japanese release dates below)

May 15 The Sixth Japan-Viet Nam Policy Dialogue on Distribution and Logistics Held
May 8 METI Minister Seko Visits Palestine, the State of Israel and Ukraine

May 15 (Japanese release dates below)

May 10 The IoT Acceleration Lab Will Hold Events Titled the “Fifth IoT Lab Connection” and “HR-Solution Contest”
May 9 Thirteenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention (COP13) Held
May 9 Quality of Patent Examination for Standards-Related Inventions Improved
May 8 ANRE Confirms the Production of Natural Gas from Methane Hydrate under the Surface of the Seabed

May 11 (Japanese release dates below)

May 8 METI State Minister Takagi Visits the French Republic and the Kingdom of Denmark

May 10 (Japanese release dates below)

May 10 CITES Management Authority of Japan (METI) held a Meeting with CITES Management Authority of China

May 2 (Japanese release dates below)

May 1 May 10th is Geology Day
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