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May 2018

June 13 (Japanese release dates below)

May 31 Release of Joint Statement on Trilateral Meeting of Trade Ministers and Japan-EU Joint Statement

June 8 (Japanese release dates below)

May 29 Minister Seko Holds Meeting with Mr. Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, People's Republic of China
May 28 Minister Seko Attends Summit Meeting and Japan-Russia Business Dialogue Held in Russia

June 7 (Japanese release dates below)

May 28 State Minister Nishime Attends the 24th Meeting of the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting
May 25 Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi Attends MI-3 and CEM9

June 6 (Japanese release dates below)

May 31 Outer Space Entrepreneurs: Business Matching Platform, "S-Matching," Launched for Encouraging Investment in Space Industry
May 31 Reference Book based on Skill Standards for Robot SIer Compiled
May 23 “Declaration of Design Management” Compiled
May 10 Japan and China Conclude Memorandum on Business Cooperation in Third Countries

June 5 (Japanese release dates below)

May 31 Save During Summer
May 31 Call for Applicants for FY2018 MITOU Target Program
May 30 Announcement of Selected Competitive IT Strategy Companies and Noteworthy IT Strategy Companies for 2018
May 30 METI to Establish Collaboration Platform for Exchanging Information on Cyber/Physical Security
May 29 Announcement: Tokyo Power Market Seminar to be Held

June 4 (Japanese release dates below)

May 30 Performance Evaluation Manuals for Robots Compiled
May 29 METI Launches E-learning Program in Academic and Research Institutes in the Field of Security Export Control

June 1 (Japanese release dates below)

May 29 Enforcement Status of the Basel Convention and its Domestic Laws Concerning Import/Export of Specified Hazardous Wastes in 2017
May 25 METI Releases "Fifty Japanese Companies Providing Successful Careers for Highly-skilled Foreign Professionals"
May 25 The WTO Third Meeting for Exploratory Work on Electronic Commerce Held

May 31 (Japanese release dates below)

May 29 FY 2017 Measures to Promote Manufacturing Technology (White Paper on Manufacturing Industries) Released

May 30 (Japanese release dates below)

May 28 Round Table Conference on Connected Industries Held - METI Minister Seko Discusses Autonomous Driving, Monodzukuri (manufacturing), and Robotics with Leading Executives
May 24 Call for Applicants for the Young Professionals Japan Program for Fostering Future Experts as Leaders of International Standardization Activities

May 29 (Japanese release dates below)

May 28 METI to Hold the Second Japan-India Government-Private Workshop for Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency
May 28 Japan Appealed to the WTO Appellate Body Regarding the Republic of Korea’s Measure Imposing Anti-Dumping Duties on Pneumatic Valves from Japan
May 24 Enjoy Premium Friday to Enrich Your Personal Experiences for Happiness and Fun
May 22 Meeting Dates Announcement: The G20 Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Digital Economy and the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth

May 28 (Japanese release dates below)

May 23 METI to Hold the Sixth Bike Love Forum in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture
May 15 The Week from June 10 to 16 is Explosives Safety Week

May 25 (Japanese release dates below)

May 18 The Corporate Governance System Study Group Compiled an Interim Report

May 24 (Japanese release dates below)

May 21 Round Table Conference on Connected Industries Held - Minister Seko Discusses Biotechnologies, Materials and Plant/Infrastructure Safety Management with Leading Executives
May 16 The Rising Triple Helix: University Factbook for Promoting Matching of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Activities
May 10 METI Minister Seko Had Meetings with Mr. Zhong Shan, Minister of Commerce, of the People's Republic of China, and Mr. He Lifeng, Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission

May 23 (Japanese release dates below)

May 16 Japan and Germany to Advance Cooperation in Field of Industrial Cybersecurity
May 16 Selected Projects for Regional Business Conference to Encourage Direct Investment in Japan
May 15 New Japan Oriented International Safety Standard for Advanced Medical Equipment

May 22 (Japanese release dates below)

May 15 Japan to hold RCEP Ministerial Meeting in Tokyo on July 1, 2018

May 21 (Japanese release dates below)

May 21 New Establishment and Revision of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (May 2018)
May 11 METI Establishes Study Group for Digital Transformation
May 11 Shopping Receipt Potential
May 11 The Second Meeting of the Japan-U.K. Trade and Investment Working Group Held
May 7 Minister Seko Visits the Russian Federation, India and the Republic of South Africa

May 18 (Japanese release dates below)

May 18 METI Compiles “Four Principles” and “Four Actions” for Disclosure and Dialogues between Companies and Investors
May 8 Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting to be Held

May 16 (Japanese release dates below)

May 10 Super Creators Certified under the MITOU Program
May 7 Call for Entrepreneur Applicants for the “Start Next Innovator 2018“

May 14 (Japanese release dates below)

May 9 METI Minister Seko Holds Meeting with H.E. Dr. Paik Ungyu, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, ROK
May 9 The 41st Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) Annual General Meeting to be Held

May 11 (Japanese release dates below)

May 2 METI-MIC Joint Team Compiles Report on Discussion Results in FY2017
May 1 Release of Report Compiled by Study Group for Enhanced Human Resource Bases in the Space Industry

May 10 (Japanese release dates below)

May 7 The Design Future is Now: JPO to Hold the Ninth Japan-China-Korea Design Forum
May 1 May 10th is Geology Day

May 2 (Japanese release dates below)

May 2 Review of the End User List
May 2 Invitation for Public Comments on the Draft of “the Cyber/Physical Security Framework“
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