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Indices of Industrial Production (February 2014)
Indices of Tertiary Industry Activity (February 2014)
Indices of All Industry Activity (January 2014)

Economic Census

Economic Census for Business Activity


Current Survey of Production (February 2014)
Preliminary Report on Petroleum Statistics (February 2014)
Trends of the Japanese Mining Industry
Census of Manufactures (2012)


Preliminary Report on the Current Survey of Commerce
(February 2014)
Monthly Report on the Current Survey of Commerce
(February 2014)
Yearbook of the Current Survey of Commerce (2012)
Census of Commerce


Survey of Selected Service Industries


Quarterly Survey of Overseas Subsidiaries
Basic Survey of Japanese Business Structure and Activities
Basic Survey on the Information and Communications Industry
Basic (Trend) Survey of Overseas Business Activities
Survey of Trends in Business Activities of Foreign Affiliates
Basic Survey on Commercial and Manufacturing Structure and Activities(1998)


Analysis of All Industrial Activities

Input-Output Table

The 2005 Japan-U.S. Input-Output Table
2005 Inter-Regional Input-Output Table
Updated Input-Output Table

List of the day of Presentation

Pamphlet 2012 Statistics at METI (PDF/2,530KB)PDF FileSee digital book

Pamphlet 2009 Statistics at METI (PDF/1,307KB)PDF File See digital book

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