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Intellectual Property

METI contributes to achieving the improvement of corporate value and the vitalization of the economy through providing a Government Inquiry Desk against counterfeit and pirated goods, and the evaluation and utilization of intellectual assets as “intangible strengths” of companies.

General Contact Point for Matters on Counterfeit and Pirated Goods (in Japanese) Link

This office accepts requests for consultations on counterfeit and pirated goods from Japanese right holders; mainly from companies that are operating overseas.

Intellectual asset-based management (in Japanese)

This website explains a variety of policies for and provides information on approaches that companies can take to improve their management through evaluation, utilization and public relations activities related to their intellectual assets.

Click the following site to visit the website exclusively for Intellectual Asset-Based Management Week 2019 (latest version).

Unfair Competition Prevention Act

This Act aims to regulate “unfair competition,” including infringement of trade secrets, unauthorized use of well-known marks, false indications of places of origin and sales of dead copies of products, and also to stipulate acts prohibited based on international agreements and thereby contribute to the sound development of the national economy.

Good Faith Negotiation Guidelines for Standard Essential Patent Licenses

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Division in Charge

General Contact Point for Matters on Counterfeit and Pirated Goods;

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